Tyson trainer: Tommy Brooks ”The Foul Pole” Golota famously hit Riddick Bowe low several times to the point where he appeared to be aiming combinations at Bowes penis! He has bitten and even almost KO’d another with headbutts! He was to be Tysons opponent in october of 2000 in detroit, USA. Despite the fights with Bowe, Golota was actually a genuin prospect in the heavyweight division at the time. Although disqualified in the Bowe fights, Golota was winning both contests on points – by a long way. Had he kept his cool, he would have beaten “big daddy” bowe twice, somthing no other fighter can claim,
It was a clean fight which suprised a good deal many people although at one point Golota appeared to be fighting in his own corner.
The fight lasted only 2 rounds afterGolota wouldnt come out for round 3. He had wanted to quit at the end of round one but was persuaded otherwise by trainer Al Certo. Tyson knocked down Golota in round one with 12 seconds left with a huge right hand.
Golota had failed to continue fighting is simply because he was hurt. After the fight Golota was hospitalized in intensive care for a couple of days. He had broke his cheekbone and had concussion as a result of the fight with Tyson.
Mikes and his speed, fast movement and head bobbing appeared to be with him again. Tyson looked somthing like the undestrucable force of the 80’s on this night.