Tarver on Tyson bout: ”50-50 or there’s no fight!”

Source: boxingtalk

By G. Leon

December 21, 2005 – Yesterday evening reliable sources informed Boxingtalk that light heavyweight king Antonio “The Magic Man” Tarver was demanding a 50-50 purse split for a PPV showdown against former undisputed heavyweight champion “Iron” Mike Tyson. At first we didn’t believe the information to be accurate, however, a quick phone call to Tarver confirmed his demands. “Why I would take anything less? It’s 50-50 or there’s no fight, I’m not taking any more shorts and 50-50 is a fair offer,” said Tarver. Boxingtalk understands that Tyson would have likely been willing to move forward under a 60-40 split in favor of Tyson. If Tarver’s position doesn’t change, the chances of Tyson-Tarver ever coming off look grim. Tyson was unavailable for immediate comment, but we plan on speaking with him shortly to see what he has to say about Tarver demanding parity.