Freddie Roach to train Tyson!


Published: April 22, 2004

Late rumours were already pointing to it, but it’s official now.

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson has once again chosen Freddie
Roach to train him for his upcoming bout in July. Roach and Tyson will begin working together on May 10th in Phoenix Arizona.

Fightnews spoke to Roach and he states: “Shelly (Finkel) and I talked yesterday and today (Wednesday) and we were able to work out most of the details. But, I’ve got Manny Paquiao fighting on May 8th and then I’ll have to
take a few days off to go to South Africa for Virgil Hill’s fight with Jean Marc Mormeck on May 22nd. Then, I’ll be back with Mike to prepare him for a fight sometime in July. I’ll be bringing along some of my
other fighters like Brian Viloria. Mike and I get along well and I feel that he listens to me and respects me.”

While an opponent and venue
have yet to be announced, Roach states “I would like to see Mike fight
Joe Mesi. With the proper training, Mike can take Mesi with no problem.
But, the perfect scenario would be to get Mike to fight two fights in a
row and then get him a title shot. He can do it. Mike can be
heavyweight champ again.”

Freddie Roach trained Tyson for his February 2003 fight against Clifford Etienne in which Tyson showed up in phenomenal shape and only needed 49 seconds in the first round to stop Etienne.


Thanks to Tumminello