Tyson’s first fight after his 4-year abscene was highly awaited and so the Tyson vs McNeeley fight set a new PPV sales record.
The fight could not hold true the high expectations. Far form that, the bout became a joke when McNeeley’s trainer stormed into the ring in round one in order to save his fighter from any more punishment.

Peter McNeeley who put on an embarrassing show and refused to fight like a boxer should..
The ‘Hurricance’ Peter McNeeley was a breeze.

A disappointing evening for Tyson who did not have the chance to do his job properly and especially for the crowd and the people who paid a to watch the fight either at home or at ringside.



When Mike Tyson took on James “buster” Douglas nobdoy in there right mind would dared to have predicted the outcome of the fight. Douglas was a 42-1 outsider who was expected to be just another notch on the seemingly undestrucatable Mike Tysons belt.
Douglas had all the physical attributes of a top class heavyweight but he didn’t have the boxing skills of the mental toughness to make it to the very top.Although a decent contender and a solid proffesional he was seen as nothing more.
Such was the calibre of the man who was destined to beat Mike Tyson in Tokyo, Japan in what would be the biggest upset in heavyweight history.
It seemed the only weapon Douglas had against Tyson was that he was not afriad as had been many other fighters.
And, for once, when the opening bell sounded, strange things began happening. Douglas started hitting Tyson with right hands. Tyson had always been hittable, but never to this extent.
For the first time, an opponent’s height and reach advantage — Douglas is 6 ft. 4 in. to Tyson’s 5 ft. 11 in. — seemed important. Certainly Douglas’s .hand speed was a factor. When Tyson coiled to leap inside, Douglas invariably beat him to the punch with his long right.
This initial surprise played out for two rounds, with Douglas finishing the second with a snappy uppercut to Tyson’s chin. Then, in the third, Tyson seemed to regain his form and smacked Douglas with a punishing left to the body.
The challenger’s corner grew wilder in the fifth when Tyson was wobbled by a chopping right. Soon, Tyson’s left eye began to swell. “I didn’t see his punches real well,” Tyson said afterward. Nor could he put any kind of combination together against Douglas.
The eighth round opened with Douglas again getting the better of Tyson, but it closed with a sudden, classic Tyson right uppercut that dropped Douglas to the canvas with six seconds left. It was the only time that Douglas got careless, and it nearly cost him his eventual stunning upset. At the moment Douglas’s backside touched the surface of the ring, the knockdown timekeeper began his count. Instead of picking up that cadence as he should of done, Meyran began his own count, two beats behind. As a result Douglas stayed down till 9 and then got up, and retired to his corner as the round had now ended. Douglas had in fact been down for the count, but since the referee had made his own incorrect count the fight would go on.
But there was no debating what happened in the ninth round, when Douglas closed Tyson’s eye completely. Pushing Tyson into the ropes, Douglas then launched four punches that shook Tyson, whose head flopped backward loosely on its bull neck.

Then came that 10th, Douglas’s assault finally toppled Tysonto the mat. At that stage of the fight, it was no longer a shocking development — except to two of the three judges, whose scoring was at best inexplicable. Judge Larry Rozadilla from California had Douglas far ahead, 88-82, but judge Ken Morita, also from California, somehow had Tyson ahead 87-86 and Masakazu Uchidaf Japan scored it even. But the point was
dramatically made even before Meyran bear-hugged the helpless Tyson, who rose at nine, his mouthpiece sticking grotesquely out of his mouth: Tyson was not invincible, and James “buster” Douglas had shook the world.



Tyson trainer: Tommy Brooks ”The Foul Pole” Golota famously hit Riddick Bowe low several times to the point where he appeared to be aiming combinations at Bowes penis! He has bitten and even almost KO’d another with headbutts! He was to be Tysons opponent in october of 2000 in detroit, USA. Despite the fights with Bowe, Golota was actually a genuin prospect in the heavyweight division at the time. Although disqualified in the Bowe fights, Golota was winning both contests on points – by a long way. Had he kept his cool, he would have beaten “big daddy” bowe twice, somthing no other fighter can claim,
It was a clean fight which suprised a good deal many people although at one point Golota appeared to be fighting in his own corner.
The fight lasted only 2 rounds afterGolota wouldnt come out for round 3. He had wanted to quit at the end of round one but was persuaded otherwise by trainer Al Certo. Tyson knocked down Golota in round one with 12 seconds left with a huge right hand.
Golota had failed to continue fighting is simply because he was hurt. After the fight Golota was hospitalized in intensive care for a couple of days. He had broke his cheekbone and had concussion as a result of the fight with Tyson.
Mikes and his speed, fast movement and head bobbing appeared to be with him again. Tyson looked somthing like the undestrucable force of the 80’s on this night.



The fight against Bruce Seldon was the 46th of Tyson’s career and fourth since his comeback. Mike had already got the WBC belt by beating Bruno in 3 & now took WBA champion Bruce Seldon. Though Seldon was a champion he was a 20-1 underdog. He earned his biggest purse 5$ million while Tyson got 35$ million. The fight took place in Las Vegas on September 7th 96.
A one-sided contest with Tyson constantly chasing Bruce Seldon. Referee Richard Steele stopped the fight after 109 seconds in round one when Seldon went down for the second time.
Tyson now owned the WBC and WBA belts.



The fight Holyfield vs Tyson should have already taken place in 1990 respectively 1991. The 90 date fell through because the Buster Douglas accident happened and the 91 clash couldn’t take place because Mike hurt his hip during a work-out. Tyson complained that Evander used headbutts which should become an important element in their 2nd clashhame for a former two times heavyweight champion, but when the public saw how confident Evander was the odds went down to 6-1 still in favour of Mike.

Holyfield had Tyson down in the sixth as well as in the tenth. Tyson fought on bravely but in the 11th round referee Mitch Halperin stopped the contest.

Tyson congratulated Holyfield to his victory.

Tyson had underestimated Holyfield, he thought that his would be a short night but when Holyfield did not go down within the first five rounds Tyson ran out of ideas, that simply did not belong to Tyson’s fight plan.

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