Mike Tyson Vs Tyrell Biggs 1987

Tyson trainer: Kevin Rooney

After unifying all belts many people thought Mike Tyson was unbeatable. The other part thought Tyrell Biggs had everything needed to beat Tyson; height, a good jab and good footwork. Tyrell Biggs was undefeated and also won the Gold medal at the 1984 Olympics. It was something that made this fight more special for Tyson since it was his dream to represent America in the Olympics only to be stopped due to very controversial decisions. Tyson wanted to show that he could have been succes at the Olympics aswell and was determined to punish Tyrell Biggs.
And delivering punishment he certainly did. Biggs attempted to out box Tyson, using his jab and movement. But Tyson kept coming in and landing big punches, tiring and hurting Biggs, and also cutting him near his eye and on his lip. By the 7th round the fight seemed to be coming to an end, and Tyson hit him with a mammoth left hook, knocking him down. Biggs got up, but was dropped by another savage left, and the fight was stopped. After the fight Mike Tyson said: “I could have knocked him [Tyrell Biggs] out in the third round but I wanted to do it slowly, so he would remember this night for a long time.”

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