Mike Tyson Vs Mike Spinks 1988

Tyson trainer: Kevin Rooney

As the events of his personal life began to hound him, Mike Tyson put it what was probably his most overwhelming proformance of his career.
When I came into the ring I could see the fear in his face and I knew it was gonna be a first-round knockout. I hurt him with the first punch I threw. He wobbled a little, but I knew he would try to fight back. There were only two things he could do: try to get lucky or try to run around all night. – Tyson

Spinks opted for the first…At 91 seconds of the first round following a second knockdown, it was all over.
A left hook and then a devastating right sent Spinks into space.
This fight was in the minds of many, Mikes greatest. The mike Tyson that entered the ring that night is widely belived to have been a force, that no other fighter, from any era in boxing could have matched. Mike Tyson, was truelly magnificent, in a fight that will go down in history.
When I came into the ring, I could see the fear And I knew it was going to be a first-round knockout
– Tyson


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