Mike Tyson Vs Lou Savarese 2000

Tyson trainer: Tommy Brooks The fight against Lou Savarese was postponed twice,as Tyson asked for more time to train. It was originally supposedto take place in Milan but in the endtook place at the huge Hampden Park soccer stadium in Glasgow. The fight would only last for 38 seconds – Mikes 3rd fastest win ever. ( mikes two fastest wins were 30 seconds against Marvis Frazier – 1986 and 37 seconds against Robert Colayback in 85 )

Lou Savarese was a disappointment. He was knocked down after merely 6 seconds. Tyson was up for the fight and just wanted to knock Savarese out. He would have done it properly in the first round but the referee stopped the contest too early in many peoples minds. Tyson ignored the break of the refereeand sent the referee down by shoved him away in order to continue battering Savarese. Tyson won a highly convincing victory and dedicated it to a close friend, darryl Baum, who was shot and died a few days before the fight.

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