Mike Tyson Vs Lennox Lewis 2002

Tyson trainer: Ronnie Shields       co-trainer: Stacey McKinley
Cutman: Dr. Ira Trocki          Ringwalk music: DMX - What's My Name

One of the most eagerly awaited matchups of all time. Lennox Lewis hoping to cement his place in history and Mike Tyson hoping to do the impossible and become champion again. But Mike had Not had enough practice in fights like he had wanted as lewis was threatening to retire. Mike did not seem up for the fight and it was a sad, sad spectacle to watch. That Mike Tyson was still fighting, was wrong, prison, together with his persaonal life, had destroyed him as a fighter, and no matter how much his fans had wanted to think it, for a man to turn back time, is, and will always be, impossible. After the fight Mike was gracious, congratulated Lennox Lewis immideately and kissed Lennox mother goodbye. When asked about the brawl press conference and bad talk he stated everything he said and did was all for promotional reasons and that he and Lewis were long-time friends.

Round One:Mike launches into Lewis with a left hand jab. Lewis tries to use a heavy jab but Tyson retaliates with a great left hook. Lewis lets his guard down to let Tyson in with another left hook. Lewis uses every moment he can get to grab and lean on Tyson. Mike wins the first round
Round Two: Lewis is warned twice by referee Eddie Cotton for excessive holding and leaning. Lewis lands three powerful right upper cuts on Mike, a in a round that the Briton almost certainly won.
Round Three: Tyson attempts to come in close to Lewis but cannot land a punch as Lewis fends him off with a number of jabs. Lewis replies to Tyson’s attempted hook by catching the American on the eye. Tyson receives treatment to a cut above the right eye.
Round Four: Lewis takes another blow to the chin from Tyson. Lewis jabs his way through Tyson’s guard as Mikes face begins to swell. Tyson is pushed down on to the canvas by Lewis and the Briton has a point deducted by the referee.
Round Five: Lewis looks for the swelling above Tyson’s right eye and tries to reach it with his jab. Lewis looks to have won yet another round after landing a number of point-scoring shots. Tyson just isnt in it, he seems to be putting less in as time goes on
Round Six: A good right-left combination from Lewis lands Tyson in all sorts of trouble. Lewis tees up Mike by pushing his jab through the American’s guard. Tyson looks jaded and barely a shadow of the once almost invincable man he was.
Round Seven: Tyson charges out in the seventh. Tyson into coming in close. Tyson and Lewis exchange jabs. A right hook puts Tyson off balance as Lewis once again dominates the round.
Round Eight: Tyson charges out once again to try and catch Lewis by surprise. . Tyson suddenly collapses to one knee as Lewis lands a lethal upper-cut.
Lewis reaches for the killer blow only to be stopped by referee Cotton. Tyson is counted out once. Mike rises again but is knocked to the floor by Lewis with spectacular right-hook. The fight is stopped and Lewis retains his world championship titles. The Lewis-Tyson event itself was financially a huge succes and a testament to Mike Tysons attraction. Lewis would be paid a reported $20 million. Tyson would make a reported $17.5 million. The Lewis-Tyson bout pulled in 1.8 million PPV buys and $103 million in PPV revenue, according to co-promoters HBO Pay-Per-View and Showtime Event Television. It surpassed the $99 million revenue mark set by Evander Holyfield’s second bout with Tyson in 1997, but buy figures fell short of Holyfield-Tyson II’s 1.99 million.


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