Mike Tyson Vs Larry Holmes 1988

Tyson trainer: Kevin Rooney           Ringwalk music: none

“I thought Larry fought a very smart fight for the first three rounds. I don’t think Tyson knocked out a completely shot Larry Holmes. He got that tremendous punch and he nailed Holmes. I think he’s run out of opponents. I think he’s that good”. -Gil Clancy
“In the end, Larry Holmes went out like a champion…fighting.
When the curtain finally fell on Holmes’ long and successful career, the Easton Assassin was flat on his back but still struggling to get up and face Mike Tyson once again. However, Referee Joe Cortez knew better”
-Nigel Collins
“Tyson is a lot better then i thought, a lot better, people can talk about SPink all they want….Tyson is the true champion”- Larry Holmes
When the Mike Tyson V Larry holmes fight was announced it was thought that Larry holmes who came out of retirement to face the young champion, would provide an important test against mike. it would be strengh against experiance against a man who had already established himself as an all time great heavyweight.
Mike Tyson clearly passed the test, knocking out holmes in 4 brutal rounds.
In rounds 1 to 3 Holmes used all his experiance to keep himself out of trouble and even connected with some good shots of his own. In fact, two of the three judges gave round 3 to Holmes. However the next round was indeed very differant as Tyson came out to brutally finnish off holmes.Three times in the fourth round Tyson’s right hand dropped the former champ and twice Holmes picked himself from up off the canvas.
The last time, with just five seconds remaining on the clock and Holmes stretched out stiffly with his eyes closed, referee Joe Cortez mercifully signaled a cease-fire and Holmes’ team rushed into the ring to help there man who despite his loss would still be fighting 14 years later. Hardly had Cortez stilled Tyson’s guns when Holmes’s eyes popped open. I want to get up, he told the referee, who restrained him. Dr. Charles Wilson stepped into the ring and knelt beside the fallen fighter.Please let me stand up, Holmes said to the ring physician. Wilson shook his head. Holmes spotted Richie Giachetti, his trainer. Richie, get me up off the goddam floor,he roared. Finally, Holmes was helped to his feet.
His dignity restored, Holmes walked over to Tyson. “you,” said Holmes.You are a great champion.
Thank you,said Tyson. “You are a great champion, too.
Holmes had been the latest in a line of former champions to come out of retirement and think he could roll back the years and take back the championship belts. but the demolition Job Mike Tyson put to him was reminiscent of the beating Holmes himself had handed to an aging Muhammad Ali eight years earlier. Leon Spinks was now touted as the only serious threat to Tyson.

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