Mike Tyson Vs James “Bonecrusher” Smith 1987

Tyson trainer: Kevin Rooney

The billboard outside the Las Vegas Hilton proclaimed,
Your grandfather wished he had seen Demspey.
Your father wished he had seen Marciano.
Don’t miss seeing Iron Mike Tyson, March 7, at the Las Vegas Hilton.
Although, Tyson won a unanimous decision. And took the WBC Crown. His first real encounter with a critical press followed the Smith fight Tyson had been frustrated by smiths repeated holding during the bout.
Although Tyson easily won, taking every round, Smiths holding made it a boring fight to some. He constantly held on and the result was a less forocious fight. Although Smith did hit Tyson with a good shot at the end of round 12 Tyson was the clear winner.
Smith had a cut above his left eye for much of the fight. Tyson tho a clear winner had problems with smith in that he should of better countered smiths holding on to him.

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