Mike Tyson Vs Frank Bruno I 1989

How dare these boxers challenge me with their primitive skills?
It makes me angry. They’re just as good as dead.-Mike Tyson. Bruno post-fight interview
It took Tyson 2minutes and 55 seconds into the fifth round to dispatch the little regardeed, but remarkably game Frank Bruno. Although, appearing, at times ring rusty, Tyson seemed more a force of a nature than a mere fighter
But Bruno did at least rock Tyson a couple of times and that was enough to earn the British public’s love and secure him a lifelong career in panto.
He did have another crack at the big fella a few years later, again failing valliantly and even became world champion for a little while..
Before the bout, veteran trainer Eddie Futch had lauded Tyson as “the hardest-punching heavyweight since Joe Louis.Nobody disputed him. Like Louis, Tyson showed that even on a bad night, he can be daunting.-Pat Putnam. Sports Illustrated.

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