Mike Tyson Vs Evander Holyfield 2 1997

Tyson trainer: Richie Giachetti The rematch Holyfield vs Tyson became the biggest scandal in the history of boxing.

In Round three, Tyson loses his self-control, bites off a part of Holyfields ear and spits it on the canvas. The experienced referee Mills Lane calls a halt and deducts two points from Tyson. One for bitting the ear and the other for shoving Holyfield when he turned away in pain. After a pause of 4 minutes the fight continues. And again Tyson bites Holyfields other ear. Astonishingly Mills Lane allowes it that the round is finished. But during the pause Mills Lane disqualifies Tyson who now completely loses his temper trying to get to Holyfields corner in order to continue fighting.

Two days after the fight Tyson gave a comprehensive statement. In a nutshell, the reason why Tyson completely freaked out in round 3 was because Holyfield butted him. The referee did not deduct a point from Holyfield and it was the 2nd time that this has happened (Holyfield did the same in their first fight).
Tyson wanted to get even with Holyfield and lost his temper. “When you butted in that first round, accidentally or not, I snapped in reaction and the rest is history” Lennox Lewis and John Ruiz who both fought Holyfield two times back Tyson’s statements.
Although this in no way excuses what tyson did it does show why it happened. It wasnt somthing that happened simply for no reason. That said, The ring is no place for such antics, the same applies to the tactics used by holyfield. In Holyfields recent bout with Hasim Rahman (2002) Rahman left the fight with a huge, horrifying tuma like growth on his head caused by holyfields head. Holyfield clearly enjoys using this section of his body as a third fist!!
Holyfield who once himself bit an opponent (in the shoulder) behaved himself throughout the whole scandal however and so deserves some credit for not losing it himself..

Mike Complains about holyfields constant headbutting but the ref does nothing, this clearly aggrevated mike and when he came out of his corner for the next round the result was not pretty…..

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