Mike Tyson Vs Cliff Etienne 2003

Tyson Trainer: Freddie Roach           Ringwalk music: Tupac - Ambitions as a rider

When Mike Tyson met Clifford Etienne on februaury 22nd 2003, it was a Mikes last chance at getting his career on track. Had he lost to Etienne his career would of been over. Mike needed an impressive win, that would enable his career to continue and that could hopefully secure Tyson a future rematch against Lennox Lewis who he had lost to 8 months before.
Tyson was also showing off a new tatoo, on his face, which he said was not yet complete.
And Tyson got the stunning win that he was looking for.
Both fighters attacked from the bell and ended up in a heap on the canvas.The pair had only been back on their feet for seconds when Tyson threw a right hand that landed flush on Etienne’s jaw and sent him sprawling to the canva
This savage right hand was to to end their non-title contest in the first round as Etienne was knocked flat on his back in the middle of the ring and he lay there as referee Bill Clancy counted him out just 49 seconds into the scheduled 10-round fight/
It was the 6th fastest KO of Mike Tysons career so far.
But despite the emphatic win, Tyson said he wanted one or two more fights before taking on Lewis.
I’m more confident now then I was last year,But I’m not interested in getting beat up again, I need two or three more fights. I’m going back to the gym next week and try to get my life together.

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