Mike Tyson Vs Brian Nielsen 2001

Tyson trainer: Tommy Brooks This fight took place in copenhagen, Denmark and was Mikes only fight of 2001. Tyson was victorious and awarded a TKO as Brian didnt come out for round 7 of the bout.
It was such a mismatch it’s hard to judge mikes performance on this night. Tyson definitely wanted to go some rounds in order to gain ring experience and shake off any rustyness. . He unloaded devastating body shots and threw a lot of uppercuts.

Mikes weight of 239lbs was too high and mike showed no sign of bobbing the number of punches thrown dropped as the fight went on . Trainer Tommy Brooks rated Tyson’s performance a B minus. His jab was non existant
“In the 80’s, Mike Tyson’s power, hand speed, and defense were literally incomparable. At that time, I don’t believe that anyone would have stood up to him. The Tyson of today still has all the power, 60% of the hand speed, but probably only 50% of the defense… that’s the major difference.”
Damon Khouri
This was Tysons Last fight before the Lennox Lewis Fight. Too long a gap between fights didnt give mike a chance against Lewis whome even he had said he needed more fights before he could face, possibly another 2 or 3. However Lewis’ threats to reitire if Mikre wouldnt fight soon ment that Mike Did not get the practice he so much needed.

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