Summer Fun at Camp Tyson for Roach


Published: June 22, 2004

camps are always great fun, a chance to get away, have fun and meet new
friends. Trainer Freddie Roach has gone away to one, but he hasn’t gone
to Camp North Star to hang out with Tripper Harrison.

Instead, in the desert heat of Phoenix, Arizona, he’s training Mike
Tyson once again for the former two-time heavyweight champ’s July 30th
bout against Danny Williams in Louisville, Kentucky.

And this time around, he has a willing subject.

A huge
difference,” Roach told MaxBoxing of this training camp. “I don’t know
if it’s that he’s got no money, or that he’s got no entourage around
him. He’s living in this little house, I pick him up there and he’s got
a nice little house with his 100 pigeons in the backyard.

“I tell you what, the first five weeks the last time were pretty good
with Mike. Then we had the one bad week. But he is so much better right
now. I used to go three rounds with him on the mitts in the beginning
and he’d throw up and stuff and get sick on me. He’s up to 12 rounds on
the mitts, now. He’s going right through it, he’s not trying to rest,
he’s taken a turn for the better, that’s for damn sure.”

Yeah, nothing can motivate a fighter like being broke. But Tyson,
according to Roach, has come in with a different attitude this time

“His temperament is real good,” Roach said. “He says all he wants to do
is fight. He says ‘I f__ked up a lot of things in my life and they
f__ked me when they sent me to jail. But I just want to fight. I want
to be champion again.’ The way he’s working, it shows me that he does.”

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Helping Roach out is Tom Paddy and Panama Lewis. Yes, that Panama
Lewis, who has been a pariah in the game for the past two decades.

“You know, the thing is, everything that I do, [Lewis] kinda goes along
with and pushes what I say. He’s very much on my side,” claims Roach.
“Personally, Panama Lewis, he did something that was unforgivable to me
and that’s my personal feelings on that. But since Mike has him here,
he supports all my moves and whatever I say is done. He’s acting as a
very good


OK, but you don’t let him mix the water bottles, do you?

“No, I bring the water,” Roach said laughing.

Roach added that Tyson will begin sparring on Wednesday and they just
hired David Bostice to be one of the sparring partners.


Roach is well aware of the rumors linking him with Oscar De La Hoya, who takes on Bernard Hopkins on September 18th.

“I have heard the rumors,” he confirmed to MaxBoxing, “and I saw Bruce
Trampler (Top Rank’s matchmaker), he had a fight here on Friday night
and we spoke. But we didn’t speak about De La Hoya.”

Roach says that so far, he has had no official inquiries from De La Hoya or his representatives.

Also, Tyson fights July 30th, by that time De La Hoya’s camp should be well under way.

“Yeah, it wouldn’t be enough time to make any changes,” Roach says.