Tyson license renewed in Kentucky


Published: June 10, 2004

Shelly Finkel informed that the license for Mike Tyson has been renewed in the State of Kentucky. Tyson obtained a license in Kentucky last year when speculation was high that he would fight in Louisville. Promoter Chris Webb of Straight Out Promotions has confirmed that negotiations with Tyson are going well. While the former heavyweight champ was approved last month to box in Missouri, negotiations with Kansas City have lingered in recent weeks. Yet, Kemper Arena (in Kansas) is still holding the July 31st date open for Tysons fight against Kevin McBride. Rumor has it that Kansas City is having difficulty raising the cash needed to stage the match. St. Louis, which was also considered, is now out of the running. The move to license Tyson in Kentucky now provides Team Tyson with an alternative location. Freedom Hall in Louisville remains unbooked for July 31st, pending a decision on the fight and the president of the Kentucky State Fair Board, which runs the arena.

Source: fightnews.com