Manny, Tyson share same training camp


Published: June 8, 2004

LOS ANGELES Mike Tyson, the enigmatic former two-time heavyweight champ,
and Manny Pacquiao are expected to share the same boot
camp for about a month when they both train under Freddie
Roach in Shelly Finkels ultra-modern boxing gym in Arizona.

The comebacking Tyson is scheduled to
battle 6-6 Kevin McBride on July 31 in a soon-to-be-disclosed venue
while Pacquiao, who is expected to plane in from Manila to Los Angeles
at the end of the month, will most likely train for a rematch against
Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.

“I would want Manny to train here in
Arizona,” said Roach, voted the Trainer of the Year in 2003, who has
been in Arizona for almost a month now, training Tyson and trying to
put him back to his old, murderous form.

Roach has been singled out by Finkel,
Tysons manager, to train Tyson after he demolished Clifford Etienne in
only one round in Memphis, Tennessee in February last year.

Roach said it would be interesting to
see Tyson and Pacquiao training side by side as they virtually share
the same fighting styles and movements the side-to-side, in-and-out,
in-your-face fighting techniques that have endeared them to millions of
boxing fans around the world.

“We are just waiting for the go
signal and where Mike will fight next,” said Roach, who
recently scored his second win of the year by leading Brian “Hawaiian
Punch” Viloria to an 11th round knockout victory last week also in

Previously, Roach was in Pacquiaos
corner when he drew with Marquez in Las Vegas, Nevada even as he saw
Virgil Hill lose to Jean-Marc Mormeck of France recently in South

“I would want Manny to train for at
least eight weeks. I think that would be enough,” said Roach, adding
that Tyson is now slowly getting back to form.

“Mikes about 50 percent in shape right now, if we are to compare him to the form when he fought Etienne,” said Roach.

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Meanwhile, Murad Muhammad, Pacquiaos
US-based promoter, said that he should get word from Home Box Office
(HBO) officials today regarding details of the possible rematch date
between Pacquiao and Marquez.

Pacquiao and Marquezs camps have signified interest in fighting a rematch, but details of the match are still up in the air.

“Everyones still coming home from
Las Vegas and I hope to hear from HBO tomorrow,” said Muhammad, who is
back in his home base in New Jersey.

Pacquiao, now fully rested and raring
to face Marquez, has been advised by his business manager Rod Nazario
not to fight again in Las Vegas, where Marquezs promoter Bob Arum
apparently wields considerable influence.