Tyson: ''I'll Show Roy Jones How It's Done''


Published: May 28, 2004

By Rick Reeno

Mike Tyson told the boxing media that a fight with Roy Jones, Jr., is
only possible if Jones avenges his loss to Antonio Tarver. Tyson said
that he is up for fighting Tarver and will show Roy how its done, by
knocking Tarver out in one round.

“Roy’s going to have to knock that guy out. He’s got to beat that guy for any credibility.” said Tyson

“It looks like the guy (Tarver) intimidated him”

“Roy didn’t handle that too well (Tarver Intimidation). It was
really sad, because we all had some kind of respect for Roy. And I have
respect for Roy, you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I would (like to fight Tarver)” said Tyson.

“I’ll fight him (Tarver) and show Roy how it should have been done: One round.”

“I’d like to see Mike get active, get a couple of fights under his belt” said trainer Freddie Roach

“Mike knows the protocol. He knows how to do it.

“He knows he needs to fight to get the rust off. Then, he can fight for
the championship of the world against any one of them.”