Mike Tyson in Italy


Published: July 14, 2010


Photos: SP Management

Even 5 years after he retired, Mike Tyson is still very popular in Italy. That’s why SP Management – a show-biz agency led by Stefano Pugnali – invited the former world heavyweight champion on a promotional tour of the Northern and Central areas of the country.

On Friday, a press conference was held in Milan at prestigious “Just Cavalli Cafè,” owned by fashion icon Roberto Cavalli. About 100 journalists showed up, along with other personalities. City councilman in charge of the Sports Department Alan Rizzi and International Federation of Sports Movies and TV President Franco Ascani gave Tyson the “Ghirland d’honneur,” a prestigious award which in the past was given to such sports legends as Pelè.

Also at the Just Cavalli Cafè was OPI 2000 President Salvatore Cherchi, with his son Christian, former WBC World cruiserweight champion Giacobbe Fragomeni and welterweight prospect Antonio Moscatiello. Tyson was happy to shake Fragomeni’s hand and pose with him for a photo. When asked to do the same by a visibly thrilled Moscatiello, Tyson’s answer was: “You are a fighter, you are welcome.”

On the same night, SP Management organized a special event for Tyson at Cafè Villino in Treviglio, located in the Lombardia region. Hundreds of fans showed up to meet the boxing legend and commentate with him the images of his most famous fights which were shown on a mega-screen.

On Saturday, Stefano Pugnali brought Tyson to San Giovanni Teatino, in the Abruzzi region of Central Italy, where thousands of people filled “Parco dei Cigni” (Swan’s Park) a mega-disco built inside a beautiful natural park.