Testers wanted for new TysonTalk video section


Published: September 9, 2009

TysonTalk is always being worked on for improvement and in this process every suggestion by all Tyson fans are valued.

One section that has been “in progress” for a while now for Tyson-fans is a new TysonTalk video section.

This section makes it possible for Tyson fans to share Tyson videos with each other and tries to gather rare/interesting Tyson streams/videos in one place and make them easily accessible through clear categories and subcategories (e.g. quickly watch rare multi-part interviews from a certain time-period on a certain subject etc. These videos are currently scattered across forums, youtube and other video sites and need search efforts: the new video section has done all that work for you and is ready to deliver the must-see Tyson videos in two clicks).

The new video section also makes it possible for members to extract interesting quotes from Tyson videos and put these quotes directly on the Tyson quotes page.

This video module has progressed quite well and is now ready for public testing.

We would like to invite members to test this video module.

Any feedback, bug reports or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The module can be accessed by clicking here.