Tyson: ''Imagine What I Can Do To Roy Jones''


Published: May 17, 2004

By Rick Reeno

Iron Mike Tyson sat back and watched Roy Jones get knocked out for the first time in his career. After only two rounds of boxing, Tyson knew that a big money fight against Roy Jones is now history.

“I don’t know if anyone would buy it now,” Tyson said. “If that little man can do that to Roy, just imagine what I can do to him.”

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Tyson did say that Roy is still the best out there in the sport. Reflecting on his own defeats, Tyson sent out some advice to Roy Jones, don’t give up and keep on fighting.

“I just hope Roy is OK,” Tyson said. “This is what can happen when you start to believe your press clippings. We can’t believe everything we read about ourselves. On any given night a guy can land one punch and knock you out. It happens. I don’t think Roy should give up. I still believe that he is the greatest fighter out there pound-for-pound.”

Source: Boxingscene.com