Tyson Documentary promotion interviews


Published: April 22, 2009

To promote the new ‘Tyson’ documentary (recently released in cinemas and available for sale on DVD/Blu-ray), several interviews have been given by Mike Tyson and James Toback.

A conversation about the film “Tyson” with Mike Tyson and director James Toback on Charlie Rose can be seen below (thanks to CasperUK):

Adam Carolla goes a couple of rounds with boxing legend Mike Tyson and “TYSON” documentary Director James Toback and deliver a K.O. podcast (click on the button below to listen to the interview):

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MTV held an interview titled “MTV Rough Cut: Mike Tyson” with Mike Tyson and James Toback talking about topics such as videogames and reality series. A segment of the interview can be seen below. The full interview is available in six parts on this page (click here)