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"I've never been in the ring with someone who hit that hard. It feels like he has bricks in both hands."

~ Sparring partner Corey 'T-Rex' Sanders

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Mike Tyson News: round-by-round report, Tyson Vs T-Rex!

Posted on Friday, October 20, 2006 @ 22:25:11 UTC by viper
By Tysonian

Sanders walks to the ring first. He wears headgears. Crowd boos him.

Tyson comes out. Surprisingly he does NOT wear headgears. He wears a ripped up version of the Michael Steele shirt. Kinda reminds to the vintage rope with hole he always wore during his ringwalk.

Round 1

Tyson comes out fast! Tyson diggs to the body of Sanders with good bodypunches.

Tyson drops Sanders with a flurry to the head!!

Sanders gets up while getting a count.

Some good shots being thrown by Tyson. This doesn't look like a sparring session at all. Tyson is very serious and dedicated to show the crowd something.

Round 2

Tyson using headmovement to avoid shots. Sanders tries to hold and walk Tyson backwards. Tyson using vintage body-head combos. Good action by Tyson. Flashbacks of the young Mike Tyson occur to me right now while watching.

Round 3:

Sanders leaning on te rope while Tyson gets in hard shots to the body and head. Sanders holding Mike a lot. Tyson wrestles out of it and gets in hard punches.

Tyson tries to knock Sanders out with hard headshots which are landing! Tyson hits Sanders on the head with bad intention punches. Sanders is lighly wobbling.

Round 4:

Tyson comes in for the kill with hard shots. Looks like Mike wants to put Sanders down again.

Fast flurry to the body by Tyson. Sanders trying to jab but ends up mostly holding.

Tyson isn't going easy on Sanders.

Sanders landing a combo while on the rope.

Tyson hits Sanders bigtime on the head again. Headgear saves Sanders from being knocked out.

Bell ends the fight. There is no decision, but Tyson is the clear winner.

Mike looked very good. Sanders couldn't do much. For a four-round charity fundraising exhibition this sure was a fun fight.

Post interview: Tyson thanks the crowd. After being asked what's next Mike says he'll go to Washington DC to campaign with Michael Steele.

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