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"I'm the best fighter in the world. No one can beat me....My objective is to inflict as much pain as possible, to win and win spectacularly...Ever since I was 12 years old, I was groomed to be the heavyweight champion of the world. I've been prepared to handle the pressure, the dealing with the press, everything"

~ Mike Tyson during the Tyson-Spink press conference

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Mike Tyson News: Mike Tyson World Tour Media Workout Pictures

Posted on Tuesday, October 17, 2006 @ 18:31:30 UTC by tysonian
Source: fightnews
By Antonio Castro

All black trunks with the solid black shoes.

The look was the same, except for the white Michael Steele U.S. Senate tee shirt.

Be ready for the same look this Friday night when Mike Tyson squares off in a four round exhibition match against Corey "T-Rex" Sanders at the Chevrolet Centre in Youngstown, Ohio.

"This is what I'm wearing for the fight" Tyson said after his media workout at the Downtown Boxing Club in Youngstown today.

Jeff Fenech, Tyson's trainer, put Mike through six makeshift rounds that consisted of hitting the punching mitts and a punch shield.

Tyson looked like he was having fun in the ring, but he was not in a talkative mood afterward.

The only talking was done by Corey Sanders, who graciously said: "You all are going to see Friday night. Enjoy the show!"

When summoned to answer questions from the media, Tyson sent over a member from his crew and politely gestured, "He's going to do my talking for me."

After roughly ten minutes, Tyson reluctantly agreed to approach where the media was standing, but still offered no answers to any of the questions that were posed. When asked how he felt, Tyson simply showed a smile and gave a thumbs up sign. He continued to point to his shirt, showing his support for Michael Steele.

This was a far cry from the Mike Tyson who was introduced at the kickoff press conference in September to announce "Mike Tyson's World Tour" event. There, Tyson gladly answered any questions that were thrown his way.

Today's version didn't seem to be in a bad mood, this writer just thinks that he wasn't in a talkative mood.

Tyson appeared to be in a good mood as he arrived to the gym. After walking in, he slowly looked at all the fight posters on the wall. During the workout, Fenech continuously let Mike know that he was doing a great job and after a series of hard shots to the body punch shield that he was holding, he looked over to the 30-40 members of the media and gave a smile as if to say "the power is still there."

Update: added 15 more pictures to total of 19
More pictures and quotes available in the extended section of this post (click 'Read More' below). Many members of the media felt slighted afterwards for not being able to talk to Tyson.

This writer wasn't one of them.

You don't have to be a boxing fan to have heard some of the crazy stories that surround Mike Tyson.

Here's to thinking that maybe, just maybe, this is the new Mike Tyson that he's been telling us about. The one that "just wants to have fun."

And honestly, how much fun is it to answer the question, "Mike, how do you feel" for the one thousandth time?

I'm not sure what a new Mike Tyson will be like in the boxing ring, albeit for an exhibition, but I'm ready to find out.

The first stop of "Mike Tyson's World Tour" in Youngstown will be broadcast LIVE in North America on Cable and Satellite PAY-PER-VIEW for only $29.95 beginning at 10:30 pm ET/7:30 pm PT October 20th. Tickets, affordably priced at $25, $50, $100, and $200, are available at the Chevrolet Centre Box Office (330.746.5600) or at Gettix outlets (including online). Doors open at 7pm ET and the first non-televised bout is at 8pm.

Former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson enters a ring for a light workout in Youngstown, Ohio, October 17, 2006. Tyson is preparing for his four-round exhibition bout on October 20th. REUTERS/Ron Kuntz

Tyson works with trainer Jeff Fenech during his light workout at a gym in Youngstown, Ohio, October 17, 2006. Tyson is preparing for his four-round exhibition bout on October 20th. REUTERS/Ron Kuntz

Former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson (R) listens to instructions from trainer Jeff Fenech during his light workout at a gym in Youngstown, Ohio, October 17, 2006. Tyson is preparing for his four-round exhibition bout on October 20th. REUTERS/Ron Kuntz

Former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson (R) works with trainer Jeff Fenech during his light workout at a gym in Youngstown, Ohio, October 17, 2006. Tyson is preparing for his four-round exhibition bout on October 20th. REUTERS/Ron Kuntz


'T-Rex' on Trinidad & Tyson Tour!

By Gary "Digital" Williams
Photos: Joe Bada

Corey "T-Rex" Sanders is in the midst of the most eventful week of his boxing career.

Not only is the 6'6" heavyweight from Washington, DC involved in one of the most celebrated world tours since last year's Rolling Stones concert tour, but Sanders prepared for this Friday's first stop on the "Mike Tyson World Tour" by participating in his first sanctioned boxing match in more than two years last Friday on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

Sanders (23-11, 15 KO's) lost a 10-round unanimous decision to undefeated hometown boxer Kertson Manswell. Sanders lost the bout, despite knocking Manswell down in the seventh round. Speaking from Youngstown, OH, Sanders told Fightnews that there were some interesting situations that took place after the knockdown.

"When I knocked him down, the referee counted to eight," Sanders said. "Then he said 'eight' again. Then he said 'nine.' Then he said nine again. Then he actually picked him up off the mat."

Despite the loss, Sanders said he is ready to resume a career that begin in 1994 and includes a highly-regarded 10-round unanimous decision loss to Andrew Golota in 1998 and an eighth-round knockout victory over current WBC champion Oleg Maskaev in 2002. Sanders also said he has overcome the detached retina he suffered in the Golota fight.

In fact, Sanders said it wasn't his eye that kept him out of boxing for more than two years; it was what he called "the politics of boxing" that drove him from the sport.

"After the detached retina (which kept him out of boxing for almost three years), I got back into boxing and had the longest winning streak of my career (seven straight victories culminating with the knockout of Maskaev)," Sanders said. "But I couldn't get the big fights I should have."

During his time away from competitive boxing, Sanders found a career as a sparring partner for Tyson, preparing him for his last few bouts, including Tyson's last contest, the loss to Kevin McBride in Sanders's home town of DC in June of 2005.

Sanders called working with Tyson "a beautiful experience," and said Tyson helped him as much as he helped Tyson.

"Truthfully, during the time we were in camp together, that's where I got my boxing confidence from," Sanders said. "To be in the ring with one of the greatest of all time and a heavyweight champion; I've never been in the ring with someone who hit that hard. It feels like he has bricks in both hands."

Sanders said that his sparring work with Tyson led to his involvement in the world tour, which he said, has been in the planning stages since Tyson's loss to McBride.

"Tyson's trainer, Jeff Fenech, talked to me about it after the bout in DC," Sanders said. "But I didn't think much about it."

In fact, Sanders said he found out about his involvement in the tour the same way most people find their news; word of mouth.

"My sister-in-law called me and said 'I saw your picture on TV! You're going to fight Mike Tyson,'" Sanders said. "I said 'are you sure that's me? You know there are two (Corey and Corrie) Sanders.' She said, 'they showed your picture.' Then Jeff called me afterwards and said I was in."

"The tour will be beautiful because it will attract a lot of people who didn't get a chance to see Mike before," Sanders said. "He's calmer than he was when he was going for a title. Plus, young kids who were too young to really know Mike will get a chance to see him and be a part of history. I'm just glad to be a part of it myself."

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