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"Every fighter that ever lived had fear. A boy comes to me and tells me that hes not afraid, if I believed him Id say hes a liar or theres something wrong with him. Id send him to a doctor to find out what the hells the matter with him, because this is not a normal reaction. The fighter thats gone into the ring and hasnt experienced fear is either a liar or a psychopath "

~ Cus D'Amato

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Mike Tyson News: Mike Tyson kicks off world tour!

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2006 @ 13:13:35 UTC by tysonian
Source: fightnews & wane

Future Hall of Fame boxer Iron? Mike Tyson hosted a press conference in Youngstown, Ohio on Thursday to launch Mikes Tyson World Tour,? a series boxing cards across the globe that will have the centerpiece of a four-round exhibition featuring the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in action. The first stop is October 20th at the Chevrolet Centre in Youngstown. Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs) will battle hardcore veteran Corey T-Rex? Sanders (23-10, 15 KO's) in the main event. Also on the card, former IBF lightweight champion Paul The Pittsburgh Kid? Spadafora will make his return to the ring after a 2-year plus absence plus outstanding amateur Juan McPhereson (3-0, 2 KOs) - a native of nearby Cleveland - will show why he is considered a prospect in the middleweight division.

Sterling McPherson of Sterling Promotions is presenting the Mike Tysons World Tour." McPherson traveled the world with Tyson earlier this year and witnessed his popularity with the people of China, Ireland and Australia. Mike Tyson is one of the greatest fighters that has ever lived,? stated McPherson. Were giving fans all over the world a chance to watch him box again and it all starts October 20 in Youngstown.? "Hey, he's a guy who knocked out the heavyweight champion," McPherson said about the 6-foot-6, 300-pounder Sanders who scored an eighth-round knockout of newly crowned titlist Oleg Maskaev in 2002. "And it's an exhibition. Joe Louis did them. Jack Dempsey did them. Muhammad Ali did exhibitions. It is an exhibition tour. I ain't lying to anybody."

The former heavyweight champion says he won't make enough money on the tour to pay his debts but wants to do it for the fans.

Tyson said at a Youngstown news conference that he chose northeast Ohio to begin the tour because he feels comfortable near his old training center north of Warren.

The first event of Mike Tysons World Tour? in Youngstown will telecast live in North America on cable and satellite pay-per-view beginning at 10:30 PM/ET, 7:30 PM/PT. The event is produced and distributed for pay per view by Queensbury Media and Integrated Sports and is available in more than 50-million homes in North America via iN Demand, DirecTV & Dish Network in the USA, Viewers Choice & Bell ExpressVu in Canada. The suggested retail price for the PPV telecast is only $29.95.

Tickets go on sale October 3rd at 10 a.m. at the Chevrolet Centre Box Office or online at www.gettix.net or at our Gettix outlets. Tickets are very affordable with prices at $25, $50, $100 and $200 (plus applicable fees). Doors will open Oct. 20 at 7 PM/ET with the first bout at 8 PM/ET. Call 330.746.5600 or go to www.chevroletcentre.com for more info.

Mike Tyson kicks-off Mike Tyson World Tour in which he will fight in a series of four-exhibitions in Youngstown, Ohio September 28, 2006.REUTERS/Ron Kuntz

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Mike Tyson enjoys a laugh during his news conference in Youngstown, Ohio September 28, 2006. Tyson kicks-off the Mike Tyson World Tour.REUTERS/Ron Kuntz

Mike Tyson responds to a question posed by a reporter during his news conference in Youngstown, Ohio September 28, 2006. Tyson kicks-off his 'Mike Tyson World Tour.' REUTERS/Ron Kuntz

Mike Tyson talks with reporters at his news conference in Youngstown, Ohio September 28, 2006. Tyson kicks-off his 'Mike Tyson World Tour.'REUTERS/Ron Kuntz

Mike Tyson gestures during his news conference in Youngstown, Ohio September 28, 2006. Tyson kicks-off his 'Mike Tyson World Tour.' He will participate in a series four-round exhibitions on October 20th.REUTERS/Ron Kuntz

Mike Tyson (L) poses with fight promoter Sterling McPherson after announcing kicking-off the 'Mike Tyson World Tour.' The news conference took place in Youngstown, Ohio September 28, 2006. Tyson will fight a series of four-round exhibitions bouts.REUTERS/Ron Kuntz

What Tyson, McPherson and trainer Jeff Fenech had to say
Mike Tyson: "I lived not too far from here. Im happy to be here. Its going to be great."

Why are you doing this? "I was a little overweight, smoking too much, and I started to get in shape. I was training in Las Vegas and 2000 people a day were there. Why not do an exhibition? Sterling suggested we do a world tour."

Why Youngstown? "I go where Im wanted. Theres a great boxing tradition and interest here."

What do you think about the heavyweight champions and would you consider fighting any of them? "Anybody can beat you from the couch. I dont think these guys are as bad as people say. They work hard to fight 12 rounds. You cant take anything away from them. Any champion has talent; the will to win is a talent. I dont know; if I dont get out of this financial quagmire.

The money I make (from this) isnt going to help my bills, but Ill feel better and wont be depressed."

"Once I started training, the stress left. I cant believe Im not slurring, Im not angry. Lifes lessons are priceless. Im happy to be here."

"Im truly nervous. I havent done this for a while."

"I hate the business of boxing. When I said I hated boxing I meant getting to run and giving it the 100-percent you need."

"Im in better shape than I anticipated, Ill never been in the shape like I was young."

"Im extremely nervous right now."

Whats this exhibition going to be like? "Whatever happens; if he (Corey Sanders) starts winging, Ill start winging."

How many exhibitions and where will the tour be? One hundred. One hundred times 4 (rounds) is as many rounds as I fought my whole career. This tour is going all over the world. Europe, Asia, Middle East?.everybody is bidding in anticipation and calling Sterling."

What have you learned since you havent fought in 16 months? "I learned life is short and very unpredictable. You have to stay humble and not get too emotional. Im trying to keep my cool."

Sterling McPherson: "Its great to be back home. I grew up about 10 miles from here in Niles. This has been something weve been working on for some time. To put the tour together, its taken time to mold it, and itll get off the ground in Youngstown. Were thrilled, Mikes ready to go. Hes here. I have to thank Darryl Francis and Jeff Fenech for bringing to Mr. Tyson (with the idea for a world tour). Youre going to see a great show. Juan McPherson missed out on his opportunity to make the Olympics. Mike has given me this opportunity and Im giving Juan this opportunity. I believe he will be a world champion some day. We are still in negotiations with Paul Spadafora. Were almost there and I think itll be there in a day or so."

"This tour isnt just going to be an undercard with guys knocking everybody out and then Mike Tyson. We are going to have a solid undercard with young fighters who want to be in good fights. Thats why people put there money out."

"Youre looking at an icon. He was the youngest man in history to win the heavyweight championship. Then he went onto annihilate people. Hes the second coming of Joe Louis, quiet at press conferences when other fighters talked big. Mikes giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. This tour is all about him and the people getting an opportunity of a lifetime to see Mike

Tyson for $25.00. Thats what he (Tyson) wants to do because you supported him."This is a great step forward, starting the tour here. I was adamant about

Youngstown and Mike supported me. Where ever we go itll be up to Mike. Ill present all of the offers, all the economics, why we should go there, and Mike will make the call."

Jeff Fenech: "Im happy to be helping Mike Tyson again. Hes a great friend. Hes done so much for so many people. Hell be prepared for Corey Sanders, the person who knocked out heavyweight champion Oleg Maskaev. Mike will be fit and ready to go."

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