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Tyson History News: Years ago exactly on this day...

Posted on Wednesday, September 06, 2006 @ 11:37:35 UTC by tysonian
5 September. Today exactly 21 years ago the 19 year old Mike Tyson fought his eighth pro-fight against Michael Johnson.

The fight was won in the familiar Tyson style: the headmoving defense first, the bobbing and weaving and the fast combination punches with bad intentions all resulting in a first round knockout.

And what kind of bad intentions... The knock-out punch is by many fans together with the Botha knock-out punch considered as one of the hardest and most brutal knock-out punches delivered by Tyson.

So brutal and scary that it hurts to just watch the replays and makes you feel for the receiver. The commentator named it 'a punch from a 19 year old boy that could knock out any heavyweight in the world'.

Michael Johnson spend several minutes on the canvas (and the stool) ending up very well with a broken jaw.

To watch the full fight including the full special pre-fight and post-fight interviews click here.

Be sure to note the great interaction (the love and friendship) between Tyson and co-manager and friend Jimmy Jacobs in the interviews as he talks about the big problem of finding opponents who are capable of giving Mike some fight time and experience.

Also note the many great Tyson quotes in the video (all added to the new Tyson quotes section) such as:

"If i fight somebody and the fight goes 10 rounds the outcome for the opponent will be worse than a 1 round knockout"

"I'm looking at him just as another passing point to the title. Whoever is in the way i don't care who they are at the moment, people might say opponents, but as i see i just go through them because this is for real and mike tyson is for real"

"I'm enjoying myself as a 19 year old boy. Everybody is going around saying 'he's just a boy, he's just a boy', but i'm going to be the only boy that be king of the world"

"My shots are so accurate and so precise...not to be egotistic...but when they land they are so precise...I can't help it who you are...you have to go down, because there is a law when Mike Tyson hits you."

To watch the full fight including the full special pre-fight and post-fight interviews click here

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