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TysonTalk: TysonTalk and its members wish Mike Tyson a happy 40th

Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2006 @ 18:08:42 UTC by viper
TysonTalk would like to wish Mike Tyson a happy 40th birthday and wish him all the success in his future endeavors.

Enjoy these birthday messages from your true fans!

happy birthday mike......
wow...this feels soo cheesy...o well its for our main man!!
happy birthday if you read this.....
be good if he could give us a reply as a group!

Happy Birthday mike, you've entertained us for the last 20 years. hope to see you soon on Hasim Rahman's defense of his title, once again Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday mike, you've been a hero of mine since i was 7 years old back in 87. Anyways keep on partying you deserve it after 20 years of excitment you've given us all. cheers

Happy birthday Mike! hope everything is good.

Hey Mike, happy birthday brother. You've given us some awesome thrills. You enjoy the retirement! Keep the faith of the deen!

Happy Birthday Mike! You will always be 'THE BADDEST MAN ON THE PLANET" to me! Linda

Happy birthday Mike!
Thank you for everything. And I can say this as a real fan, enjoy the rest of your life as a retired man. You deserve it champ!

Happy Birthday Mike!
I wish you all the best for your next 40 years!

To view all of the birthday wishes (click 'Here' ).thugclan
Happy birthday Iron Mike! I really hope everything's fine in your life now. As a real fan, I wanna thank you for the thrills you've been givin' us for all these years. Keep on doin' your thang Mike! I really hope I'll get to meet you one day...hope you'll be in Atlantic City for Gatti's fight next mounth.

Happy birthday Mike...you are my favorite boxer of all time (besides Rocky Balboa)!

happy birthday mike
thanks for introducing me to boxing and thanks for making me love the sport
thanks for being the most exciting fighter ever and bringing us all so much entetainment over the years.
i thoroughly hope you are enjoying your retirment from fighting and hope that your new job as a commentator works out.........
all the best
take care man

happy birthday mike, have a great day mate

Happy birthday mike.

happy bday
you given millions of people (including me) a desire to start boxing so you should take pride in that
gl on the commentary

happy birthday mike you were the best and i loved every moment you gave us your the champ.

Dear Mike,
Happy Birth day!!!!
I hope you read this...
I am very big fan of you and your style, ill be happy to meet you some day and greet you personaly.
For me you are a big role model i try to work your style workout like you think like you and act like you in the ring,
use the tactics you use for a very long time now and i want to thank you.
I think that it would a grat thought for you to try and make some teaching
videos of your system and the things you have learned throught your great boxing career.
I wish for you the best wishes ever and sucsess in evry thing you'l attend to do in your life.
And last thing if you feel down some time think of us your fans you will allways will have a hot place in our hearts!!!
Have a nice life mike and always remeber that we are behind you.
Best Regards
From All The Fans
Around The World
And Me Personaly

Hey guys Im from Russia,and i want to say tha Mike is the greatest boxer of all times!Its sad that time flys quickly,he used to be a champion 19 years ago! Rolling Eyes When Mike came to Russia it was a great pitty that i didnt see him,because a lot of people really like Mike and respect him!So do I!Happy birthday mike!

Happy birthday Mike an best wishes

Happy 40th Mike!
You have inspired me a whole lot and will always be the baddest man on the planet. You will always be one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time in my books.
Enjoy Life and Keep It Real

wish you well with everything

happy b day Kid!!! fan of a crazy man but we all crazy to somebody else!!! Keep ya head up and BOLO for suckaz, they seem to like hangin round you!!! Bet you thought you'd never see 40 much less 30!! PEACE!!

Dear Mike,
I wish you a very happy birthday, champ !
I hope my words will reach you.
You are my hero now and forever and you will always have a special place in my heart till I will die !
I´m disabled and in a wheelchair and following your whole career inspired me to be strong and never give up. You are such a great inspiration to me and you give me so much strength and courage.
I´m proud to be your fan and since last year I have a tattoo of your portrait on my right arm, so that I will never forget my idol !
Thank you for all the great fights and all the thrilling entertainment !
Thank you for everything !
Please enjoy life now and take care of yourself, champ !
I wish you all the best for your future !
Best wishes
Andreas Remmers from Wolfenbuettel, Germany

have a great 40th birthday mike tyson.you will always be champ.

happy birthday mike u are my favo figther of all time. I hope to see u in person someday.

happy birthday mike, hope all's well with you, i met you in dublin in march, you picked my girlfriend up off the floor in the burlington hotel when she fell off the stage! don't know if you remember, hope to see you in Ireland again some time.

Happy birthday Michael. You have accomplished alot during your life, especially more than most thought you would. So at least be pleased that for a time your life was great. Very few taste the fruits you have had. If you could be so kind as to answer this question:
The first time you fought Frank Bruno was directly after you and Kevin parted ways. At the end of the first round you were caught with a good left hook that rocked your head back. It was the first time your head ever moved from a punch like that, after did you ever concider hiring kevin again.

Happy... Happy Birthday.... Mike Tyson What can I say Thanks for the memories...
Hope to see soon in the Philippines!!!

KO Artist
Happy Birthday, Mike!
I'm sure you have heard the following saying, Mike:
"Life begins at 40!"
I hope that's the way it will be for you. What are your plans, how do you plan to celebrate your 40th?
Many congratulations on your new role as Top Rank boxing analyst. Looking forward to seeing/hearing on Rahman
Do you have any plans on returning to England in the future?
God Bless, Mike!

Happy Birthday Mike everything you have done has been good in my eyes and everything you will do will be good i hope you succeed in being a analyst in which im sure you will and also a big big thank you for the most exciting fighter to have ever entered the ring.

happy birthday my hero mike tyson and god bless you

Happy Birthday Champ!! Just want you to know how much I've enjoyed following your career. There will never be another close to you. I had the privledge of being at your fight in Louisville and will NEVER forget the goose bumps and the electricity in the arena when you walked to the ring! The most amazing thing I've ever experienced! I named my first born son "tyson" and look forward to the day I get to sit him down and show him your gretest hits. He will know then why I named him after you and why youll always be my hero.
Thanks for the 20+ years of boxing memories you've given us!

Mike,i am a super fan of you from China,i am fond of boxing from 2002 beause of you.
In 2003 you gave me a lot of counge just as i faced a terrible life then.
Now I hope you will have a happy life and let us hear your songs earlier,we are looking forward your singing with Western Life.
Happy Birthday,Mike,The greatest champion in the world!

Happy Birthday Mike!

Thanks for the memories Mike. Happy bday!

Happy Birthday Mr.Tyson

Happy birthday Mike.
Your fight inside the ring was what produced my interest in you. Your fight outside the ring has been what's brought me to admire, respect, and care for you. Now you finally have the time to enjoy God's true blessings your health, your children, and those who love you in the purest of actions. I wish you only the greatest of happiness for the future, and that one day I'll get to shake your hand.
Heavyweight belts come and go, but you are a champion in life, in my heart, and in the hearts of millions across the world.
Happy birthday Mike!
Blake Schneider, Columbus, Ohio.

happy 40th mike!hope ill meet you one day at one of your dinner tours in the uk.best wishes mate.stu woods.

Dear Mike,
You have given so much to my life not only through your boxing skills but the things that you have said outside the ring as they relate to life. You are quite an insightful person and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.
I have been wearing my Official Tyson Gear clothing, since it was first available, every year on your birthday. For all that you have given to me, I feel it's the least I can do to honor you.
This is now a point in life where you know what the deal is and can have some fun. I hope that you do. These are the good times, it gets even better from here on out. Enjoy it!
Salute! & Happy Birthday Mike!
Anthony C. & Family

Hey Mike,
Happy birthday! The big 40! You know, Bernard Hopkins just had his "last fight" at the age of 41, and I know you can whip his ass.
How about a going away present against a high end boxer, such as Tarver, Jones, or that punk Lewis!
Good luck in everything you do. Stay out of trouble!

Happy Birthday! I hope youre enjoying life outside of the ring!

Mike, it's hard to believe it has been 20 years since I began following your career. You were my generation's Heavyweight Champion
Much like other generations before mine had one to call their own. SOme of my fondest memories of growing up are of you getting into the ring and doing what is you did so great. For that I thank you. Though I wish you would have left the ring on your own terms and on top of the world, I'm greatful that you have your health and will be able to watch your children grow up. You will always be a Champion in this fan's book! CMG
TanTerror. Catskill #1

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! You are the reason I am a fan of boxing for I saw you when I was 15 and have followed boxing and your career since that time.You are the best ! Take care from NC
The Cooper Family

Hey Mike, have a great 40th birthday!! Now you are as old as me... Do not know if you would remember me (John Beekley) as I had met you at a party in Las Vegas many years back when I was there with Pac. I am the one that you were talking to that used to be a "Jockey" in California..
Say, if you do remember, maybe we could meet up again as I will be going back to the Southern Cal area, anf then onto Las Vegas in the near future. Anyhow, Please let me know and have a great B Day!!
Here is my email: jbeekley(AT)hotmail.com
Take Care & Have a great party
John Beekley

Happy B Day Mike, I started watching you in 85 86 when I was little man, Only real good memories I have with my Dad. Going toe to toe with you on Punch Out. I think you have Knocked me out at least 1000 times. But happy B day man and I know your not a quitter like most think. Good luck on your future and there will be no one to repeat the things you've done in the ring.

Happy birthday Mike! You got me into the sport and I'm sure glad you did. I admire, and respect you greatly and always will. I hope you're doing well these days and best birthday wishes to the best fighter of all time!

Happy 40th Birthday Mike! I have been a big fan of yours since your earliest days with the great Cus D'Amato. You will always remain a true champion and an inspiration to me. Watching your fights growing up, you were what boxing was all about...heart, guts, determination, and fists like wrecking balls! Here's to many more Birthdays to come...Salute!
Best Wishes,

I'll be celebrating your career on your birthday. Thanks so much for all the thrills and drills you delivered in such a short time! Happy Birthday!

Hi Mike,
Remember who you are...
In any language, you know the truth from me and that will never change it's eternal. No matter what happens today, or any day....
Paths cross for a reason and I've "figured it out"
you only need to ask. 100 years ago....
It's all good.

My crystal ball says your 40th year will be your best year ever!
Freedom is about what you can unleash... Be empowered, my friend. Now go conquer the world. Namaste.

Happy Birthday Mike you are in my opinion the best boxer of all time

Hapy b day man
even if this falls into a black pit and u never see it... I still respect what u have done and respect u as a man.

Happy 40th Birthday my Brother,
I hope you're in any closenes to being happy and free...Remember you have millions of fans/friends who support you all the way..peace and blessings always!!

Happy Birthday Mike
Wish you the very best
For years you have given fantastic encouregment and desire to many
The Best
Marcus Cunnington

Mike tyson u r a champ have a good one ay.
everyone in australia thinks ur the *Censor* never change
have a good one glen

seems like only yesterday when my da woke me up in middle of night to watch the berbick fight live. I still have a scrapbook filled of newspaper clippings that I collected about all your fights.
Happy Birthday from All Your Fans in Ireland. Come Back Soon

Happy Birthday Mike
You have the same birthday as me!
True legend!

Happy Birthday Mike, From finland!
You are greatest heavyweight champ ever!

hello micheal i doubt you will ever read this but happy birthday hope its a good day and you get some nice presents and surrounded by good people and your kids well happy birthday mike and hope that now your retired that you will have a easier life i wish you luck

Hey Mike,
happy birthday!!!
I wish you a long life in peace and harmony. You are the undisputed Champ of all time.

HI Mike iam From Finland and u are the #1 for me!!!belive that u inspirate me to start boxing!!!anyways happy birthday and i wish u all good...

To one of the greatest boxers of all time. happy b day Mike.

happy birthday mike..
av a great day enjoy it with ya kids!!
jon (pro boxer)

A salaam u lakum Mike
Happy birthday, u'll always be one bad mother..........I have all your fights on DVD & I would definitely say ur the best EVER. Holyfield, Lewis & the rest r all chumps & If u had been at ur peak u would have licked em easy. The only fighter that could have given u trouble at ur peak would be Foreman, coz he was also awsome. But u at ur peak would have been 2 fast 4 big George & with ur legendary head movement would be 2 elusive. My favourite ring entry of yours was when u were coming into face Ribalta back in August '86, u looked devastating. What sets u apart from other great heavyweights is your combination of speed & power. U hit harder than anyone ever from up close, there would be few who would argue there & certainly not Berbick, marvis Frazier, Donnie Long, Tony Tubbs etc.........My favourite punch of yours was what Ray leonard used to call ur Bolo punch, the right hook to the body, followed immediately by your right uppercut to the head, depicted most excellently on the 2nd round kockdown of Ribalta. how the fu..! Ribalta got up from that punch is amazaing. Cu later Mike, I only wish u hadn't got into trouble & split from Kevin Rooney, otherwise u would have been acknowledged by every boxing pundit as the greatest heavyweight ever. I think u had the style at ur peak of being UNBEATABLE. I'm Sonny Liston, I'm Jack Dempsey I'm from there cloth, my style is impetuous, my defensive is impregnable & I'm just ferocious..............

Happy birthday mike, have a great day and support england in the world cup

yekta TYSON
Selamün aleyküm; Happy birthday Mike! hope everything is good ...I hope back to ring I love you mike tyson_i love you mike tyson

Happy birthday Mike, you are one of the most exciting fighters of all time. Enjoy yourself, and good luck with your goals and future.

Happy 40th Mike. I've been a huge fan for 20 years now. The most exciting fighter of all time

Happy Birthday Tyson, still lovin everythin u ave dun. U ave inspired me to box and i wud feel blessed if i had one ounce of the skill u got.

Happy birthday, Mike. Good luck in anything you decide to pursue. You'll always have my respect, no fighter can ever be as exciting to watch as you have been.

Happy birthday Mike!
I hope you are enjoying retirement and taking it easy. After all the years of entertainment you have given us you deserve some time to chill out!
Most of all I hope you find some peace and happiness away from boxing. Take it easy and enjoy yourself.

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Happy Birthday Mike! It's your day make the most of it! Thanks for all times youve given us fans the past 20 years! Stay up black man! Peace!

Happy Birthday to the greatest boxer that has ever lived. Happy 40!!!!!!
Iron Joe Harsh

hey Mike happy birthday .. hope u have a good one brother
wish you good luck in your life.
your muslim brother Ahmed

Happy Birthday Mike. Met you in Leeds a few months back. Look forward to promoting your show and meeting you again in Newcastle at the end of the year!

happy birthday mike,i hope its as great as you.thanx for the entertainment and exitment you brought millions around the world

Happy birthday Mike!
The greatest fighter of all time!!!!

Happy Birthday Mike!!!
Thank you for all!!! You are a real Boxing Legend and you are the real World Heavyweight Champion of the World!!!
Good Luck for your next years.

Happy birthday mike hope alls well were you are

Happy birthday Mike hope life is well and everything in it. good luck in what ever u do.

Happy Birthday Mike, we Love you as Mike as a person , boxing doesnt define the reason why we love you, Happy Birthday finally you've reached the 40 milestone! enjoy ur life! and thanx for everthing and the enjoyment and thrill you have given us. Slaam TC50

You have been a constant in my life, the reason I started watching boxing seriously and why I am a boxing fanatic now (Just ask my wife!!!)
As you enter into your retirement, I wish you all the continued success and good luck with your announcing gig.
Hope you have a tremendous birthday!!!
All the best,

Mike, Cisco Kid here outa Vancouver BC, still a fan will always be, start enjoying true life now. You brought excitement to the screen every time you fought. I wish you all the best have a great 40th, I am right behind you on that!!

Mike T,
If you do read this then Hi from Mike H in the UK.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday and great success in whatever you do in future.
Most of all, be Happy in your life!!

You carried the streets on your back and took us on a roller coaster man. You are truly a blessed indivdual and your influence goes far beyond the work you put in the ring. Live long and ride off your legacy.

Hey Mike,
I wish you a Happy Birthday and all the Luck for the Future.
Man you helped me alot to get my life together and looking forward
so thank you for your Inspiration and have a nice time in the Future.
You gave many people hope to get things together and go there way.
And for me and many other people you are the greatest Fighter of all Time. And not only as a Fighter also as a person.
Enjoy your Life Mike you have done enough for many people and for yourself.
Good Luck Brother.

Happy Birthday Mike ,
I truly believe that you are one of the most natural gifted fighters to ever enter a boxing ring . You were a force of nature a gift from the gods that brought a dying sport back to life with your devastating displays and amazing skills. During your reign of terror you did more for boxing than any other fighter . Now that your boxing career is over I hope you find peace and happiness in whatever you do . Happy birthday CHAMP.

Happy 40th Birthday Mike thanks for all the great memories. Without a doubt you are the greatest fighter to ever live.
Jerry Oswego NY

8 ball
Happy Birthday Mike! You are the best boxer I've ever seen!

Happy Birthday, Mike.
Thanks for all the great memories.

Hey Mike happy Birthday. I wish you all the best. Your biggest fan, Marc

y tyson
Mike Tyson i just want you to know that i love you dearly with all my heart i love and respect you on the same level as my mother words cannot describe. Thank you so much for all the thrills you have given me its just a shame i havent got a chance to meet you in person i hope i do when you come to london next time il leave my phone number i would be so grateful if you could give me a call one day i really would so please give me a call *** **** ****
babs from London

feliz cumpleaños mike, te deseo lo mejor para ti y tu familia. para mi siempre has sido el mejor.
Happy birthday Mike, best wishes for you and your family. You've always been the best to me.

Happy birthday Mike
You are the youngest ever heavyweight champion, that alone puts you up there with the greats.
There wont be another, unless someone else is brought through with the team you had,
Cus D amato and Camille Ewald, Kevin Rooney, Jimmy and Loraine Jacobs, Bill Cayton,
Steve Lott, Jose Torres, Matt Baranski and all the others that helped guide your career so brilliantly early on.
Oh and yourself

Happy Birthday MIke!
Thanks for all fantastic fights you have given us!
You are the King!
Simon S. Sundsavall, Sweden

Hello Mike!
I want to thank you for all the time you entertained us so well and I wish you a happy birthday and hope that you can enjoy you life now after your carrer. Dont forget that no other fighter or other sport star has so many fans around the whole world. I thin your are one of the most talented fighter who ever lived and i wish you will have a good life now.

Happy birthday Mike!
Thanks for all these years you've been around, and let's hope there will be many many more to come!
Respects to our living Legend, from Finland!

Yes Happy birthday Mike,
i am from Italy, you know you have a lot of fans here.
I and my uncle Rino Tommasi, i think do you remember him,
we wish you an happy birthday. I would like to meet you one day.
i will open a gym soon, hope to have you as special guest.
CIAO Mike.

Happy birthday Mike!!!!!!
I"d like to wish you, your kids and all your family health and happiness!
It was a great pleasure to follow your career, but now I would like to wish you tj enjoy your life without boxing!!!!
In september 2005 my dream came true and you gave me your autograph nearby your hotel during your visit to Moscow. Come again! We would love to see you anytime!!!!
Sincerely yours, Ilya Paleev. Moscow, Russia

Mike Tyson, God bless you, your kids and everybody else you love.
Thanks for all.

TO MIKE , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA, PROPER HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY, I find it hard to believe that you are 40 already it has come round so quick you need to come back to britain soon so we can give you a good party to remember, you are the most awsome person I have ever had the pleasure to meet when I did in Doncaster & Leeds, & I wish you all the best on this your Birthday,Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY Luv ya,


Happy Birthday Mike! U are and will forever be the CHAMP. Thanks for all the wonderful excitment over the years. Enjoy retirement and best wishes in all of your future endeavors

hey mike , i wish you all the best for your new period of life!
you can do whatever you feel like doing , since you have all the talent and potential to achieve your goals!
everytime i train , i got you on my mind , since you are the most exciting fighter ever and the one that set new benchmarks which noone isn't really able to achieve ....
keep your head up and be true to yourself !
best wishes

Happy Birthday Mike!
I want that you were the happiest! Since this instant when you read it and forever! Mike, I want that your dream was executed! And it to be executed!
I want that today you have listened to a song of the old friend. Listen today to song Tupac " Unconditional love ".
Forgive, if I write with mistakes, I badly know english.
Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Mike !
You are the greatest boxer ever!
I wish you good luck and health.
Hello from Latvia, latvian boxers and fans, we are always with you.

Happy Birthday mike!!! The greatest most exciting heavyweight fighter of all time!!

Martin k

Happy birthday Mike wish you all the best.
Harold Townson

Mike I hope you have a blessed birthday moch love and respect 2 you

I am Aldo from Italy and I am a boxer too (amateur welterweight), like my childhood hero Iron Mike Tyson.
If Michael can read my message is too cool (sorry, but I don' t speak english very well) 'couse I would to say thanks to this man that was my light in good and bad days.
I watched his fights so many times that my vhs are damaged badly...
Finally I can see my Tyson personally last year when he arrived in SanRemo for the song festival.
....8 hours in train and all that I can see was mike' s back when he leave the limousine... too many people and all scream: Mike! Mike!, I am a short man and so I don' t see nothing else!
Mike Tyson was my anti depressive when I am teenager and today that I am 26 when somebody ask me what is my dream I respond: meet my favourite fighter, my mith Mike Tyson.
I wish to you Mike Tyson my best congratulations for your fantastic career and wish to you a long live full of serenity and love that you deserve.
THANKS THANKS THANKS MICHAEL!.... Long live for the King of the Ring Mighty Mike!
Your Greatest fan in the world.

Best wishes from Poland Mike!!! Everybody remember what you make for sport.

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