Judge allows Tyson to travel out of Arizona, California


Published: May 25, 2007

Source: Associated Press

PHOENIX — Mike Tyson’s lawyer said the former heavyweight champion was given permission by a judge Thursday to travel outside of Arizona and California while his charges are pending.

Tyson had only been allowed to leave Arizona for addiction treatment in California.

Attorney David Chesnoff said Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens has allowed Tyson to travel outside those states if he gives three days’ notice and gets approval from county prosecutors.

Tyson didn’t attend Thursday’s hearing. Another Tyson lawyer, Thomas Marlowe, appeared instead. Another court hearing is scheduled for July 9, and trial is set for Aug. 20.

However, Chesnoff said he’s not sure if the judge would allow Tyson to leave the United States. ”The agreement doesn’t say anything about leaving the country,” he said.