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"When i was young i used to always think 'God, Im just a midget. I'm never going to grow. I'll never going to be anything, because Im too short to any kinds of sports or anything'. But then i started to believe in myself and things worked out alright"

~ Mike Tyson about his height

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Mike Tyson News: Mike Tyson visits Dublin and Gurteen

Posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 @ 11:24:52 UTC by tysonian
Picture on the left shows Tyson getting to grips with Nathan Buckley (11) from Bray at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Source: sligoweekender

It was the day Iron Mike Tyson dropped from the sky and landed in Gurteen to show young fighters how to face the world.
And he did it in an iron bird which flew down from Dublin city.
It is doubtful if the south Sligo village will ever see anything quite like it again.
It certainly isnt often a world champion swoops down from above complete with minders and all the trappings of former greatness.
And there will surely never be three helicopters touching down on the same day in a town more famous for Irish traditional music than entertaining fighting machines.
The big birds landed in the forecourt of Kanes Hill Hotel between 12 noon and 2.15pm.
Well-known chauffeur Gerry The Monk Hutch stepped off the second helicopter and walked into the hotel shortly before his own famous Humvee stretch limo arrived.
But it was the third helicopter the crowd of 100 wanted to see.
Shortly after 2.15pm, the former heavyweight champion touched down and walked slowly across the tarmac surrounded by a few minders.
He was dressed in a white shirt, dark jacket and blue jeans and looked relaxed.
A spontaneous round of applause broke out and he was quickly surrounded by children from St Josephs Boxing Club and Gurteen Boxing Club.
Cameras clicked and flesh was pressed as some huge men with massive rings hugged and greeted like long lost brothers.

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The champion began signing autographs for the youngsters as some of them queued up to get his signature.
At times he was almost dwarfed by the crowds of kids who wanted to get the signature of one of the great world champions.
His only words to the crowd were: "It sure is colder here than in Dublin".
And then he strolled through the hotel to rest up for last nights private dinner in his honour in one of the pristine hotel bedrooms.
Former world middleweight champion Steve Collins was among the guests due at last nights dinner.
Mike Tysons ex-sparring partner Joe Egan, the only man Tyson could not put down, launched a book entitled The toughest man on the Planet.
Hotel owner Michael Kane said his family were proud to have the world champion in Gurteen as their guest.
"We have Mike Tyson here as a guest and a friend. He is not making money out of this.
"Marion and I got to know him through our good friend Joe Egan and we are honoured to have him here.
"It is not about razzmatazz and we want to do it to help encourage youngsters who want to take up boxing.
"Mike Tysons connection with Ireland began through his friendship with Joe Egan and he met Joes mother when he was in Dublin.
"He is very at home with children.
"This is our way of thanking the people of Gurteen for their support and any funds raised at last nights boxing events will go towards local boxing clubs.
"It is a great occasion for Gurteen as well and we hope to have some more famous names coming over here in the future.
Mike Tyson was due to fly back to Dublin today.

In a previous visit to the UK boxing legend Mike Tyson showed off his softer side by hugging children at a special needs school.
The hardman heavyweight dubbed Iron Mike for the way he used to demolish opponents shared a laugh with youngsters with learning difficulties and played games with them.
He even led a singalong of James Blunts hit Youre Beautiful during his visit to Hope Special School, Wigan, which followed the schools best Ofsted report.
Ex-world champ Tyson, 39, who was in Britain to referee a bout, said: Ive had a real ball. Theyre fantastic kids.?
Pippa Yeates, whose dad Phil organised the visit, said: He was really, really great.?

As reported by Shanghai Daily Mike Tyson is to make a three-day visit to the Chinese city Shanghai, beginning on Thursday.
Invited by one of his friends, Tyson will cut the ribbon for a new night club in Haixin Plaza next Thursday. Guests may also be treated with a live show starring Tyson after the ceremony.
Tyson will travel to Luodian Friday for a golf charity event.
Saturday, Tyson will hold a talk with abbot of the Jing'an Temple, a famous Buddhist temple and scenic site in Shanghai, before his departure.

Source: Irish Independent

Last night the crowd once again roared its approval as he was guest of honour at a €200-a-head dinner in the Burlington Hotel attended by 600 of Ireland's boxing fraternity.

After dinner, guests were treated to a question-and-answer session with television sports commentator Jimmy Magee during which the former world champion talked about religion, boxing, music and his favourite films.

But however hard the urging from the interviewer, Tyson was not convinced to sing a few lines of James Blunt's current hit, 'You're Beautiful' although there was a notable attempt at 'Danny Boy'.

Constantly rubbing his head clear of sweat, he began many answers with 'I don't know'. He said his ultimate dream was to find a "real nice lady and marry her". However, this may be a problem as he commented "I'm just a mess, man, I'm just a mess".

At the start of his speech, Tyson made a few attempts at the native language, saying his name was 'Michael' in Irish but tripped up when he declared "Cead Mile Failte" was Gaelige for 'thank you'.

Prior to the on-stage interview, a replica WBC world champion belt signed by Tyson and a picture with the boxer was sold for €16,600 during an auction.

Earlier in the day, Tyson had been in Crumlin Children's Hospital where he played with some of the patients and is due to travel to Sligo today

Former Irish boxer Steve Collins declared Tyson "a lovely genuine man".

The event was also attended by Tyson's sparring partner and friend Joe Egan, and fighters Bernard Dunne and Jim Rock.

Former footballer Paidi O'Se was one of the select few who for €400 was invited to a champagne meet and greet with the infamous boxer before the main event.

Tyson was chauffeured during around the capital by criminal-turned-driver Gerard "The Monk" Hutch in his €200,000 Hummer stretch limo. Tonight he's is expected to join Marian and Michael Kane for dinner at their Kane Hill Hotel in Sligo, before leaving the country tomorrow.

Regarded as one of the greatest-ever fighters in his class, Tyson was the youngest ever world boxing heavyweight champion.

The baddest man on the planet and former world heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson jetted into Dublin at the weekend amid a media scrum and a mile of security...

When he landed in Dublin at the weekend he was surrounded by about a dozen burly security guards - a number that seemed to increase with every event he attended...

And with Gerry Hutch (aka The Monk) driving Tyson in his stretch Hummer, combined with all that security, you can be sure that no one was brave enough to approach the troubled brawler...

Tyson was in town with his former Irish sparring partner Joe Egan and was due to speak to a room full of guests, who each payed 200 Euro for the privilege, in the plush surroundings of The Burlington Hotel on Saturday Night.

Other Irish boxing greats such as Steve Collins, Jim Rock and Bernard Dunne also attended the Audience with Mike Tyson in the Burlo - the host on the evening was sport commentator Jimmy Magee...

Thanks to phxmikefan for link submission.

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