WBC Invites Mike Tyson for Special Tribute


Published: October 2, 2006

WBC President Jose Sulaiman invited Mike Tyson for the upcoming World Boxing Councils 44th annual convention so a special tribute can be extended to him as one of the greatest heayvweight champions in history.

The full press release is available in the extended section of this post (click ‘ below).From WBC President Jose Sulaiman

The daily general assembly meetings at the World Boxing Councils 44th annual convention will deal, as usual, with ratings and mandatory world title defenses, as well as current controversies. But of special importance, they will also include the appointment of a world planning committee to review our goals and objectives and make any necessary changes in accordance with what we need to do to benefit the sport of boxing and boxers going into this 21st century.

Matters of benevolence and welfare will be the key of the convention, and include new plans for pensions, hospital treatment, and drug rehabilitation programs for former boxers, as well as a review of a new program in which world champions visit sick children in hospitals.

The WBC has not been, and will not be only a sanctioning body, but one in which boxing commisioners of the world devote special efforts for the welfare of the sport and its athletes.

Every day, the number of reservations for the convention is growing rapidly, with more than 400 already received and more coming in every day.

The Board of Governors and Executive Committee have been invited by the lady mayor of Dubrovnik to a brunch at a magnificant palace in that city.

All of the champions of the world living in the different countries of Europe are being invited for a special homage by the WBC to all of them during the opening ceremony and the opening banquet.

Bernard Hopkins will receive the appointment of Champion Emeritus and WBC Goodwill Ambassador to the World.

Mate Parlov, a native of Croatia, and Marvin Camel, who fought to a 15-round draw in the first cruiserweight world title fight ever held on December 8, 1979, will receive a special tribute remembering their great fight. The fight was held in the city of Split, which was in the country of Yugoslavia at the time, but today is in Croatia.

Mike Tyson has been invited so that we can extend to him a special tribute as one of the greatest heayvweight champions in history, regardless of what others might say.?