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"I think he has the potential to be the greatest of all, because he has two things going for him: terrific hand speed and the power, combined. He can lose 11 2/3 rounds of a fight and then take you out with one shot"

~ Eddie Futch about Tyson

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TysonTalk: TysonTalk Exclusive: Announcement Fan-Interview Steve Lott!

Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2006 @ 15:16:58 UTC by tysonian
Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions to Steve Lott, we will be posting his answers soon.

Since the very start of Mike Tysons boxing career out Catskill New York it has all been teamwork in Mikes life. With the Catskill team then consisting of Cus D'Amato, Jimmy Jacobs, Bill Cayton, Kevin Rooney there was one other man who was part of this team from the start, saw everything closely happening, worked hard with Mike and other team members to reach and share in success and so took part in history.

From the Tyson fight videos most people must have noticed Steve Lott walking together with Mike and Kevin Rooney in the ringwalk of a fight carrying the championship belts and in the corner-work during the fight. Steve also starred in several Mike Tyson documentaries giving his valued insights.

Ringwalk Tyson-Berbick Ringwalk Tyson-Tubbs

Officially Steve Lott was an assistant manager of Mike Tyson (until Tyson switched to Don King). But in reality Steve was much more than a business associate, as he knew Mike personally very well and as a good friend cares for him very much.

Steve Lott was a handball champion and so met Jimmy Jacobs (who was one of the greatest handball players of all time. Jacobs was called "the Babe Ruth of handball" while playing at the New York Athletic Club). Through this tie-in Steve ended up working at the company "Big Fights, Inc" (which owned the largest collection of fight films in the world) with Jacobs and Cayton and so eventually met Mike Tyson.

Today Steve Lott is still with Kevin Rooney (who trains Lenord Pierre and two other fighters out of Catskill. Steve Lott is Lenord Pierres manager).

Ever wanted to know something about Mike Tyson, Cus D'Amato or Kevin Rooney from an insider?
TysonTalk will organize a fan-interview with Steve Lott where you can ask questions to Steve Lott!
Post your questions in this forum thread (click here) and after one week a selection of your questions will be made to be answered directly by Steve Lott himself.

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