Tyson To Start His Own Label


Published: April 27, 2004

According to the New York Times, Mike Tyson will
be launching his own label, Tyson Records, and has already lined-up
several acts, including the Baltimore group Protege, and ex-LaFace
Records singer Donnie, to sign deals with the new company.

“I’m into the music scene so intensely,” Tyson told The Times.
“For 20 years, I’ve known about all these rappers; Grandmaster Flash,
Grand Wizard Theodore, people a lot of rappers now aren’t even aware

“Iron” Mike also said that Tyson Records was currently in the midst
of assembling its roster of performers, producers and executives, and
was in negotiations with several major labels to provide distribution
and marketing support for the forthcoming albums. In a throwback to his
boxing days, Tyson plans to unveil his new label at a press conference
to be held at a Las Vegas casino within the next two months.

Tyson isn’t new in the rapper world. He is close friends with many rappers (including the late Tupac Shakur who died after visiting a Mike Tyson fight) and even worked with rappers before.
In 1998 Mike Tyson recorded a track together with rapper Canibus called “Second Round KO”.

Update 1-5-2004: This rumour later proved wrong. See the second post above

Sources: sohh.com and boxingscene.com