Mike Tyson responds to your birthday wishes and accepts your questions.


Published: August 3, 2006

Tommy Patti: “Mike many of your fans and supporters have sent birthday wishes to you. Do you have a message to give to them in return”?

Mike: Who are they, who gave me wishes?

T: “Your fans from all over, via the internet. Some of them that have seen you in England, those that follow your career and in general love and support you. They’re on a website called Tysontalk.com and it’s very supportive of you”

M: “Oh man that’s beautiful. Tell them that i’ve enjoyed the support over the years, in dire times and through all the good. I’m just so fortunate. They mean so much to me”.

T: Got it. Nice.

M: “I really mean it, they’ve done so much for me and i’m really really grateful for all that they give to me. Tommy, what can i do for them?”.

T: “I know that they’d love to have you do an interview online. They can submit some questions and you could answer”.

M: “i’d love to do this. What ever it is, i want to give back to them and let them know how thankful i am for all they’ve given to me”.

T: “I’ll pass that invitation onto them and they’ll give me some questions that i’ll go over with you”.

M: Please tell them Thank you for me”.

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