Former Tyson Trainer Jeff Fenech in court over thefts


Published: July 6, 2006

Thursday Jul 6

Source:National Nine News

Jeff Fenech’s lawyer is seeking to downgrade a stealing charge against the former world boxing champion.

Dressed in black, Fenech, 42, gave the obligatory “I love youse all” line to the media before walking into Southport Magistrates Court to face a charge of stealing.

Fenech, who has pleaded not guilty, will face court again on August 16.

“It’s been a long day,” Fenech told reporters before speeding away in a black Mercedes Benz.“I love everybody.”

Lawyer Bill Potts is expected to make a submission to have Fenech’s charge of stealing reduced to unlawfully taking away goods under the Regulatory Offences Act.

It means he will receive the same penalty – likely to be a fine with no conviction recorded – but he won’t be charged with a criminal offence and he will be free to travel internationally.

Mr Potts told reporters outside court: “We’re writing a submission of law which the prosecution will review.”

Three-time world champion Fenech and his acquaintance Francis Grech, 58, were arrested in December while holidaying on the Gold Coast.

They were jointly charged with stealing three watches worth a total of $327 from a fashion boutique in Broadbeach on December 28.

Grech pleaded guilty to stealing the watches and was fined $750 two days later.