Tyson Talk


Published: June 5, 2006


According to a media column for the New York Daily News, Mike Tyson will work as a ringside analyst for the international broadcast of the Hasim Rahman-Oleg Maskaev fight on Aug. 12 for a piece of the heavyweight title.

Tyson as a commentator creates some fascinating possibilities. It’s safe to assume that executive producers will be watching carefully to see whether he could succeed on a major pay-per-view card. Just his name draws a crowd.

When the mood is right, Tyson is knowledgeable, offbeat and funny. The former heavyweight champ, a Valley resident, couldn’t beat Lennox Lewis in the ring. As an analyst, however, Lewis sometimes sounds as if he is talking about his favorite pastime, chess. On the broadcast side of the ropes, it might be Tyson in a knockout.