Vitali Eventually Wants Mike Tyson


Published: April 27, 2004

WBC champion Vitali Klitschko told reporters at the post-fight press conference on Saturday, that he eventually wants a showdown with Iron Mike Tyson.

“When I was 15 years old I had a dream, I saw the youngest heavyweight champion ever on TV. I made a promise to the TV that I would one day beat Iron Mike Tyson. It is a dream. I plan to make all my dreams come true.” said Klitschko

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The chance of this fight happening is very slim at the moment. There is no guarantee that Tyson will have any legit “boxing” matches in 2004, who knows where this K-1 deal will go after his July bout. While Vitali is thinking of Tyson, Tyson is thinking of Joe Mesi.

Tyson wants to have at least one tuneup and then face Joe Mesi by November-December of this year. If Tyson ends up working with Don King again, he doesnt even have to think about fighting Vitali until the end of 2005.

Don can get him much easier fights against WBO champion Lamon Brewster or WBA champion John Ruiz. Tyson would make a huge payday against either of those two men. Tyson would make an even bigger payday if he grabbed a title and faced Vitali sometime in 2005 to unify the belts.

Tyson has been away from the ring for so long that we really have no idea what skills he has left, if any at all. My advice to Mike would be to take at least two-three tuneups, face Ruiz or Brewster for a belt and then face Vitali or whoever the heavyweight gatekeeper is at the time for his final career match.