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"On how Cus Damato helped him: 'People think I was born this way. They dont know what it took to get this way. The training, when you have to do things over and over again until youre sore. Deep in your mind you say, God, I dont want to do this no more, and then you push. I always used to think I was a coward because of the way I felt. Cus was there when I needed him he was the one. Cus would always explain you should always do things to build your character and make you a better individual. He was different than anyone Id ever met, because principle meant more than anything to him, more than money, more than health, more than his life. He would sacrifice anything for principle, for what he believed was right."

~ Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson News: More Tyson K-1 speculations, K-1 Bout To Be In The USA

Posted on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 @ 15:18:03 UTC by tysonian
Mike Tyson's first bout with the K-1 shoot fighting promotion in Japan, will be held in the United States.

The bout is slated to take place on or around July 31st of this year

While the K-1 promotion is huge in Japan, K-1 had to settle for the United States to run the Tyson card.

The word coming from K-1 is that their inability to secure a visa for Mike Tyson, led to the decision of moving the card from Japan to the United States. Mike's opponent is rumored to be Bob Sapp, but some shoot insiders doubt they will match up Mike with Sapp just yet.

While Sapp has a questionable chin, he also packs a huge power shot. The Sapp-Tyson bout will likely be Tyson's last bout in K-1.

The general feeling is that K-1 will put in a very safe opponent for Tyson's initial match, then exercise the option in the contract which calls for two more Tyson bouts and match Tyson with Sapp in the final match of the contract

Source: boxingscene.com

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