Mike Tyson scheduled as referee in K-1 bout Stockholm


Published: March 29, 2006

Source: Aftonbladet

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Mike Tyson will be the referee in a K 1 showdown between South African Francois Botha and Jorgen Holm, a K 1 star, who´s 1-0 as a proboxer, May 20 in Stockholm, writes Aftonbladet. K 1 didn´t exist by the time professional boxing was prohibited in 1970 and thus wasn´t included in the law – but K 1 will be included in the new martial arts law that is likely to come into effect this fall.. The new version won´t ban anything it seems – it´s only that they have to be as safe as amateur boxing, which in effect will stop K 1, Thaiboxing and professional boxing they way it looks today..