Mike Tyson & Don King: Together Again?


Published: April 23, 2004

Boxinginsider.com has learned from a highly credible and so
far 100% accurate source that this past Sunday, Don King and Mike Tyson
spent much of the entire day and all night together at King’s Manhattan
hotel, the day after Golota vs. Byrd. According to sources, Tyson and
King’s discussions were so deep that the former champ ended up spending
the night at King’s suite and did not return home until “the next day

Rumors are flying now that King and Tyson are on the verge of
settling their gigantic lawsuits and joining forces for a third go

Earlier this week Tyson’s advisor Shelly Finkel hold doors open for a reunition.
“Under the right circumstances, I’m open to discussing it. I’ve never said that we wouldn’t talk to him (Don King).” said Finkel

Having signed almost all boxers who can throw a significant punch and having a big portion of the belts in hands Don King today is a factor in the boxing world with too much power to go around anymore.

Source: boxinginsider.net