TYSON FEELS FOR KOBE: Says he hopes baller doesn't get jail time.


Published: December 17, 2003

(Aug. 27, 2003) *When Mike Tyson feels sorry for you then you know that things are kind of deep for you. The former heavyweight boxing champion of the world recently told reporters that he empathizes with Kobe Bryant and the sexual charges that he’s facing.

“I’ve been in an ordeal like him, and I know how easy it is for a young man to be a big shot, a big star in America’s eyes and then get in another arena and he’s nobody. That means the judicial arena,” Tyson, 37, said in an interview that aired on the syndicated TV show “Access Hollywood.”

“When it comes to the nitty-gritty, if he ever gets some (jail) time, which I hope he doesn’t, and which I don’t think he is going to, he’s gotta keep in consideration who’s gonna come see him, who’s gonna be in touch, who’s gonna be his contact if anything happens,” Tyson said. “It can happen to anybody.”

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