Mike Tyson Dinner Tour UK update


Published: March 15, 2006

Tyson does charity visit

Mike Tyson is
coming to Copthorne for an amateur boxing night.

former world heavyweight champion is taking part in an amateur boxing
after-dinner show at Effingham Park Golf Club, Copthorne, along with
fellow world heavyweight champion Frank Bruno on Friday, March 24.

Proceeds from the
event will go to Whoopsadaisy – a charity for disabled

Initially the
black tie event was to be held in Brighton but it was blocked by
council leader Simon Burgess who questioned
Tyson’s suitability following his conviction.

The event was
then moved to Copthorne following the block.

District Council, which covers Copthorne, said it has no plans to
oppose the show.

Former British
champion Scott Welch, who is promoting the evening, said he did not
understand the problem.

“The past is in
the past,” he said. “You can’t live in the past. You’ve got to look to
the future.

“He’s done what
he’s done but he wants to carry on with his life. It was 14 years ago.

“We are extremely
grateful that Mike has agreed to come to Crawley and support this show.

“He has many
loyal fans in the south who I’m sure will be eager to hear this amazing
story from the man himself.”

Rees Hopcraft, of
Crawley Amateur Boxing Club, also defended Tyson.

“Mike Tyson is
one of the best, if not the best heavyweights of all time,” he said.

Tyson or Bruno were to visit Crawley Amateur Boxing Club as part of
their visit to the area it would be an honour to welcome them.

of our lads come from underprivileged backgrounds and to show people
like Tyson and Bruno taking an interest would be outstanding.”

Proceeds from the event, which could be Tyson’s last trip to the UK, are going to two Sussex childrens’ charities.

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Tyson drops Cardiff date

Boxing legend
Mike Tyson has pulled
out of his visit to Cardiff after his promoters were caught up in a tax
wrangle with the venue where he was set to appear.

39-year-old former World Heavyweight Champion was set to take centre
stage at the Cardiff International Arena on Friday, to talk about his
life inside and outside the ring.

were asked to pay £50 a head to see Tyson’s show, which was
also set to
feature boxing heroes Joe Calzaghe and Frank Bruno as well as a host of
Welsh rugby legends.

Fisher Promotions, who were promoting the event, confirmed they were
pulling the show because the CIA wanted to deduct 25 per cent of the
gross ticket sales to pay for Tyson’s tax bill.

Fisher, of Fisher Promotions, claimed it was common practice for venues
to deduct a percentage of a foreign performer’s ticket sales to pay the
tax bill for the earnings they make in the UK.

However, Mr Fisher said the company
‘overlooked’ the CIA’s 25 per cent tax demand after booking the venue,
which was ‘too much’ to make the show viable.

ex-boxer’s visit to Cardiff was set to kick-off a short tour of the UK,
which was also supposed to take in Manchester and London, but these
shows have also been cancelled.

Mr Fisher claimed
fight fans who had bought tickets to see Tyson have all been fully

said: ‘It’s very disappointing because Mike Tyson was looking forward
to coming to Wales and Cardiff for the first time but unfortunately
it’s not to be.’

Fisher Promotions
claimed Tyson was still coming to the UK, for a dinner engagement in
Leeds on March 20.


Fisher added that any fans who were hoping to see Tyson in Cardiff,
still had the chance to re-book to see the boxing legend in Leeds, by
contacting 0800 0286 844.

The CIA declined
to comment.

New venue for Tyson boxing event

Source: bbc

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An amateur boxing event with Mike
Tyson as guest of honour has been
moved to a private venue in Sussex after its original location was

Council leader Simon Burgess blocked the planned event at the Brighton
Centre after women’s groups objected to the convicted rapist’s

The promoters now hope to hold the gala on 24 March at the Effingham
Park Golf Club, in Copthorne, near Crawley.

But campaigners have insisted it should not be allowed to go ahead.

Gail Gray, from the Brighton Women’s Refuge Project, is keeping the
pressure on after opposing the event being staged in Brighton.


“I know people will say that he has done his time,” she said.

“But he is able to get on with his life with not that many
infringements upon it, whereas the impact of having been raped can have
a huge psychological and emotional impact on women that can last
throughout their lives.”

But ex-British champion Scott Welch argued that the 39-year-old was an
“awe-inspiring” person for amateur boxers.

Mr Welch’s co-promoter Lee Greenwood said: “He [Mike Tyson] has had
problems in the past, there’s no getting away from it.

“But what Mike will do by coming to the county is encourage people to
get off the streets, to get up and to actually do something rather than
sitting around on computers all day.”