Tyson's former trainer Kevin Rooney sent to jail


Published: April 22, 2004

(Catskill – AP) Mike Tyson’s former trainer has been sent to jail for disorderly conduct and violating probation.

County Sheriff Dick Hussey says Kevin Rooney was found “drunk as a skunk a couple of times” by probation officers, so they charged him with violating his probation. Rooney was
sentenced to nine months behind bars earlier this month.

Hussey said Rooney was required, under the terms of his probation, to attend counseling and not drink alcohol.

The 47-year-old trainer was on probation for a drunken driving conviction in Albany County and a disorderly conduct in Catskill.

disorderly conduct charge stemmed from a Feb. 19 incident in which
Rooney publicly urinated on Main Street in Catskill, authorities said.
He left before police arrived, but a warrant was issued for his arrest
and he was brought before Adsit on March 7.

nine-month sentence handed down by Adsit covers both the probation
violation and the disorderly conduct charge, according to the court.

Rooney became Tyson’s trainer in 1982 after the legendary Cus D’Amato took Tyson under his wing.
After Cus D’Amato died in 1985 Rooney was considered one of the few who still had knowledge of the legendary Cus D’Amato box style.
With Rooney in his corner, Tyson captured the
World Boxing Council heavyweight championship in 1986, became the youngest heavyweight champion and unified all the belts.

In 1988,
Rooney sued Tyson, claiming the boxer broke a verbal contract to retain
him as his trainer for the length of Tyson’s professional career.
Rooney eventually was awarded four-point-four million dollars.

Rooney has since then been struggling with severe drinking problems

Source: wrgb.com