TysonTalk Exclusive: Mike Tyson Training video!


Published: January 21, 2006

For some time now there’s been a lot of requests for training and sparring videos of Mike Tyson.

Thanks to TysonTalk member Ross we can gladly present over 1 hour and 30 minutes of rare Mike Tyson training footage!

This footage includes Mike Tyson sparring with several numbers of
sparring partners while you’ll hear instructions by the one and only
Kevin Rooney and Mike Tyson working on the heavybag with again Kevin
Rooney instructing through the Cus D’Amato number-system. The training is in preparation for the Tony Tubbs fight and takes place in Japan.

The video will be presented in three parts. The first part is 30
minutes long and includes an overview of the city and gym and Mike
Tyson sparring sessions with 4 sparring partners. The first part is
available here and the second and third parts will follow in the coming

Due to explicit request this video is only watchable by goldmembers.

TysonTalk would like to thank Ross for contributing this video!

More images available in the extended section of this post (click ‘Read More‘ below).