Winky Wright talks about business offer to Mike Tyson


Published: December 16, 2005

Source: sptimes

Recently rumours have been going around that Winky Wright and Mike Tyson have been in talk about a position in Winky Promotions.

Today Winky Wright responded.
It could happen, says Wright, who met with the former heavyweight champion Tuesday in New York about a possible position with the recently formed Winky Promotions.

“We talked about what role he wants to play,” Wright said. “Mike, he wants to be more of a talent scout. A lot of fighters come to him and ask him for advice on different promoters and fighters. We’re trying to find a role for him in that area.”

Former undisputed champion Mike Tyson, 39, remains the most recognizable figure in boxing and would add a higher profile to Wright’s young company.

“I’m pretty confident in Mike,” Wright said. “He’s a good guy and he knows a lot, and people may not know it but he’s highly intelligent.”