Don King wants Mike Tyson in next unification tournament


Published: November 12, 2005

Source: SecondsOut

Thanks to BUSTER

As result of Vitali Klitschkos retirement Don King now promotes all major heavyweight belts and is planning an unification tournament which will result in one undisputed heavyweight champion (similar to the 1986 box-off that produced the youngest heavyweight champion in history Mike Tyson). In an interview with SecondsOut Don King said he will be inviting aged legends Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield to enter his tourney.

“I am interested in working with Mike again,” King said. “Provided that he does the proper things in training. He’s had some bad losses of late but there’s no reason Mike Tyson cannot win the heavyweight title again. He is only 39, George Foreman, a man who has similar punching power, won the title back at age 45. If Mike can dedicate himself to training again and can (promise me) that he is able to do that then yes, I will give him a chance to create history all over again.”

King added: “And Evander Holyfield has his licence back and he can be part of all this, too. He lost to Larry Donald who is a different kind of fighter but the ‘Real Deal’ can be a factor, too.”

Tyson v Holyfield III would be a guilty pleasure but one which people would pay to see.