More Tyson K-1 speculations, K-1 Bout To Be In The USA


Published: April 21, 2004

Mike Tyson’s first bout with the K-1 shoot fighting promotion in Japan, will be held in the United States.

The bout is slated to take place on or around July 31st of this year

While the K-1 promotion is huge in Japan, K-1 had to settle for the United States to run the Tyson card.

word coming from K-1 is that their inability to secure a visa for Mike
Tyson, led to the decision of moving the card from Japan to the United
States. Mike’s opponent is rumored to be Bob Sapp, but some shoot
insiders doubt they will match up Mike with Sapp just yet.

Sapp has a questionable chin, he also packs a huge power shot. The
Sapp-Tyson bout will likely be Tyson’s last bout in K-1.

general feeling is that K-1 will put in a very safe opponent for
Tyson’s initial match, then exercise the option in the contract which
calls for two more Tyson bouts and match Tyson with Sapp in the final
match of the contract