Mike Tyson guest at Jimmy Kimmel show Monday, Oct. 31 -updated


Published: October 30, 2005

On Monday, Oct. 31 Mike Tyson will be a guest at the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Special Show. Besides Mike Tyson the show will also have recording artist Bobby Brown.

The show airs on weeknights 12:05/11:05c.

Tickets for the show are still available here.

Jimmy Kimmel Live? airs live every weeknight, featuring a diverse lineup of guests that include celebrities, athletes, musical acts, comedians, human interest subjects along with comedy bits, a house band and week-long visits from a variety of rotating sidekicks.
Previous boxing related guests were George Foreman and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Update: At the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Special Show Mike Tyson stole the show by showing the comical side of him (which many fans were already familiar with) and performing a very courageous musical act in a vampire costume on national television. The host called it one of the greatest moments in television history.

Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown performing the Monster Mash on the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Special Show

An extra long video/clip of the Monster Smash act performed by Mike Tyson on the Jimmy Kimmel Show can be downloaded in the download section. A shorter version of the video can be seen at this link.

More pictures of Mike Tyson performing the Monster Mash act are available in the extended section of this post (click ‘Read More‘ below).

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