Tyson must say NO to K1 says Sulaiman


Published: April 19, 2004

World Boxing Council President Jose Sulaiman, is pleading with Mike Tyson,
not to consider the possibility of fighting in the K1 series.

Mike Tyson has recently signed a contract with Fight Entertainment Group,
which is a subsidary company of KI, but it’s to promote his return to the
boxing ring this summer. He’s already signed a deal with K1 to be his one
and only representative in Japan, which grants them promotional rights to
any time he steps into the ring in Japan.

No futher steps have been announced, but nonetheless, this has already rung
alarm bells at the WBC.

Don Jose said: “Mike Tyson is not that old, as many others are, and if
devotes himself to boxing he can still be the champion of the world after
the departure of Lennox Lewis. He would gain back much more money than he
could in K1 and above everything else, keep his boxing prestige and

No fan of K1, Don Jose describes it as savage, and bar fighting for money.
He says he’s surprised that an elevated society like Japan has adopted it,
and that it’s taking society back to the era of the cavemen. He added: “This
is not a sport this a spectacle of those that only see violence and nothing
else in life.”

Source: boxingscene.con