Jamie Foxx longs to put Tyson's biopic onscreen


Published: October 26, 2005

Source: suntimes

By Cindy Pearlman

October 26, 2005

Jamie Foxx wants to put up his dukes. The Oscar-winning star of “Ray” tells GLARE
there is another biopic he would love to bring to the big screen.

“I think the Mike Tyson
story should be told on film,” Foxx says. “Nobody knows the stuff I
know about Mike. Again, it’s blow-your-mind material. He also speaks in
phrases that make you listen.”

Foxx even has logged some time with the champ.

“I was talking to Mike
recently and he told me, ‘Jamie, I don’t even have any money now. But
I’m happy. I don’t worry about anything. I’m just happy. I’m even glad
I don’t have any money because now nobody wants to do me wrong or f—
me over.'”

Foxx shakes his head.

“You give any 19-year-old kid 60 million dollars and see just how crazy it gets for him,” he says.

So Foxx wants to film Tyson’s story.

“It’s not happening yet, but I believe in putting things in the air,” he says with a smile. “Hopefully, something will catch.”

Meanwhile, Foxx stars in the war film “Jarhead,” which opens in November.