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"I was a teen and my only goal was to be the best of the world. When people will talk about old fighters some people will say 'he has great moves etc' and i wanted people to talk about me like that."

~ Mike Tyson

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Tyson History News: Years ago exactly on this day...

Posted on Sunday, June 26, 2005 @ 19:14:56 UTC by tysonian

27 June. Today exactly 17 years ago it was 'Once and for All' for 91 seconds. It was once that the two undefeated champions, Mike Tyson and Micheal Spinks, would meet each other to for all decide who was the true champion of that era.

After 17 years we all know the 91 second outcome of the fight that by many is considered the most defining and characteristic fight in Tysons carreer; the crowning achievement.

But many don't realize the background problems around this fight that made it harder for Tyson and thus his victory more impressive.

The performance was under difficult circumstances.
It was in this time (2 weeks before the fight) his wife Robin Givens miscarriaged their child and left Mike devastated (a pregnancy the media blamed Givens of never existing, but instead being a ploy to mislead Tyson with).
It was in this time Tysons finances by Tysons wife and mother-in-law were under investigation.
It was in this time the death of his co-manager and only remaining trust-person (Jim Jacobs) was just behind and managers, promoters and even his wife started battling and luring to sign Tyson (with Don King being at the winning end).

But more peculiar things happened on fightnight itself; when Mike was just ready to fight Butch Lewis (Spinks' promoter) came in the dressing room to examine the champion's bandages and started making noise about the hand wraps as psychological game to intimidate and throw Tyson off his game. There was another dispute over who was allowed to walk towards the ring as last fighter. Micheal Spinks insisted that he was the recognized champion and he should be the one to enter the ring as last (eventually the New Jersey Commissioner, Larry Hazard, had to intervene and insist Spinks enter the ring first). The riot took forever and Tyson got pissed.

But despite everything Mike Tyson still went on with the show and displayed a performance so brutal it would awe everyone who saw it around the world and confirm to them: the era was once and for all Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson:"When I came into the ring I could see the fear in his face and I knew it was gonna be a first-round knockout. I hurt him with the first punch I threw. He wobbled a little, but I knew he would try to fight back. There were only two things he could do: try to get lucky or try to run around all night."

The Mike Tyson that entered the ring that night is widely believed to have been a force, that no other fighter, from any era in boxing could have matched. Mike Tyson, was truly magnificent, in a fight that will go down in history.

Feel free to relive this memorable moment together with many fellow Tyson fans by first watching the Tyson-Spinks promotion video (available for all registered users in the "Tyson Training/interviews" download section) and then the Tyson-Spinks fight in best quality possible (available for Gold members in the "Mike Tyson Full Fights" download section).

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