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"Boxing is the best job in the world to let off steam, and people are in trouble when Tyson wants to let off steam"

~ Michael Spinks

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Fan Talk: Column by Scoop Malinowski

Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2005 @ 12:46:50 UTC by tysonian

Source: boxinginsider
By Scoop Malinowski

He came from nothing and now he leaves the sport he ruled with nothing. But in between Mike Tyson ruled the boxing kingdom like no man ever has or ever will.

King Tyson captivated the world with his power and precision, his unstoppable determination and fury. And let's not leave out intelligence and psychological strengths. You don't become the best in the world at something by just muscle and power, it takes a psychological superiority. He made the rest look like incompetents. That's how great he really was.

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From 1986-1988 he was absolutely unbeatable. No man stood a chance. But he was too young, just barely out of his teens. His creators and mentors rushed him too fast. He was not equipped to handle such enormous success, fame and fortune. The vultures came in and picked him apart. They deceived him and lied to him and tricked him. But King Tyson also made many mistakes on his own and slowly but surely, the great Tyson Empire eventually crumbled.

He came back after the jail term but it was never the same. More money was made, more maney was stolen from him, more money was generously given away. But the inferno inside the young Mike Tyson was gone. He just wasn't the same fighter.

They tried to exploit him one more time last summer and we saw back then the fire was just a flicker as Danny Williams KO'ed the once mighty Mike Tyson.

Again they tried to salvage Mike Tyson's career - to help him get out of debt - and of course, to line their own pockets again. And now we saw on Saturday night, there is absolutely nothing left inside of Mike Tyson as a fighter.

He lost to a palooka who isn't even really a fighter. Ali lost to Berbick, Holmes lost to Tyson, but Tyson losing to McBride is a tragedy.

The whole story of Mike Tyson is like some kind of weird tragedy. I guess it really is true, the bigger they are, they harder they fall.

We have to wonder, where will Mike Tyson go from here. Will he be able to live being broke? Will he one day walk into Canastota to a thunderous ovation? Will he get work as a TV commentator? Will all the people he helped to make into millionaires come back now to help him? Could he be interested in doing some kind of reality TV show for a couple of seasons, like The Osbournes or Paris Hilton? Let's all hope something works out well for the great Mike Tyson.

He was one of the greatest, maybe even the greatest. For how important height and size are in boxing today, look at what Mike Tyson was able to accomplish in the sport of giants with such a small stature. He overcame a humble beginning and juvenile delinquent childhood to become one of the most successful and famous people in the world.

He overcame being cheated out of his fortune, he overcame the defamation of what he still claims were false accusations of rape, he overcame the rockbottom misery of the Holyfield and Lewis defeats to that he is now still a revered figure in so many people's eyes. You have to admit, there is still a dignity and humility and a likeableness about Mike Tyson, despite all of his bad moments.

Mike Tyson was a champion. Mike Tyson will always be a champion. Mike Tyson forever.

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